Custom Aluminum Screwpost Portfolio for Jewelry Company Larkspur & Hawk Collection

We recently wrapped up a custom portfolio book for  Jewelry house Larkspur and Hawk Collection.  Emily Satloff, founder and designer of the Larkspur & Hawk Collection, has launched this contemporary collection of exquisite fine jewelry based on the celebrated techniques of centuries ago. A noted antique jewelry dealer, she brings her expertise and originality to this modern, curated collection.Emily has created brilliant showcase pieces, one-of-a-kind jewelry items, and pieces for everyday wear, all of which Larkspur & Hawk clients treasure.

All of the jewelry is hand-crafted there, where Emily oversees the business.

They came to Klo Portfolios looking for a presentation book that displays their elegant jewelry to prospective buyers, at industry trade-shows, and at their studio.

The Solution:  An 11 x 8.5 brushed aluminium custom portfolio book with a logo engraving and rounded corners.  When the brushed aluminum material is engraved, it reveals a black polyethylene core that is a great contrast to the sleek shiny cover.

Have a dream custom portfolio book you’d like to create?  Get started by submitting a custom portfolio book request , visit the Klo Flickr gallery to view our latest work ,or shoot us an email at info@kloportfolios.com if you have any questions or comments.  We love to hear about your ideas so don’t be shy!



custom aluminum portfolio book

11 x 8.5 portrait custom brushed aluminum portfolio with logo engraving on the cover


custom aluminum screwpost portfolio with engraving

A close up of the logo engraving on this brushed silver aluminum portfolio book. The engraving reveals a black polyethylene core.


A few items from Larkspur & Hawk’s latest collection.  You can see more of their polished collection at http://www.larkspurandhawk.com/shop/.


The Annabel Ring: Large oval faceted White Topaz ring set in 22K Washed Silver or Oxidized Silver.


Celeste: Drop earring with filigree medallion and large tear shaped faceted stone set in 22K Washed Silver.


The Carmen Pendant and Chain: Filigree pendant with large round Amethyst set in Indigo colored foil on fine gold chain. 22K Washed Silver

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