Custom White Acrylic Presentation Book for ZGraphics Media Agency

ZGraphics is a full media agency specializing in advertising, corporate communications, and brand development. For over 20 years,  top-tier clients such as Eastman Kodak Company, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Navistar Financial have chosen ZGraphics as their creative partner.  With over 20 different industry awards and a company culture that thrives on being creative, lean, and multidisciplinary, it’s no wonder we were thrilled about this collaboration.

ZGraphics wanted a unique set of custom screwpost portfolios for their client Protection 1, the second largest electronic security company in the United States.   This packaging was the final step in bringing together the brand makeover they have completed.  ZGraphics wanted to bring their vision of a clean and visually stunning die-cut portfolio cover to life.

The Solution:  We created a custom white acrylic screwpost portfolio book with engraving and a centered die-cut logo on the cover.  The first page of Protection 1’s portfolio is red and detailed with the brand’s identity which pops up beautifully from the inside.

If you’re looking for a unique custom presentation book or screwpost portfolio, you’ve come to the right place.  Our custom portfolios are cut only when you order them and made 100% in our Vancouver studio.  If you have a dream custom portfolio in mind, chances are that we can bring your ideas to fruition.  Take a look at the Klo Flickr page for ideas and examples of our past work.  Once you’re ready, you can upload your design file and submit your idea via the Build Your Own page.

Here are some ZGraphics sent us of their completed white acrylic portfolio book.


unique portfolio book

Custom square white acrylic portfolio book with die-cut treatment on the cover

unique custom portfolios

Custom white acrylic screwpost portfolio with a die-cut cover that shows the contents inside

unique presentation books

A closer look at the cut-out design on the cover of this white acrylic portfolio book

personalized portoflio books

An even closer look of the pages popping through the cut-out cover of the portfolio

custom screwpost portfolio books

The back page is typographic illustration created by illustrator Ryan Thurlwell showcasing as a collage, the benefits & customer quotes of positive feedback Protection 1 receives from their clients.


A few pieces from ZGraphics portfolio below.  See more at ZGraphics.com


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