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    5 Custom Portfolio Book Examples for Designers We Love

    It can be a daunting task when it comes to creating your portfolio book.  That final vessel that houses all of the work you’ve meticulously edited, re-edited, and then edited some more! We’ve created tens of thousands of beautiful custom portfolio books for designers just like you and want to share a few of our […]

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    Choosing the Perfect Material and Treatment for your Custom Portfolio Book

    We pride ourselves on having the highest quality and largest selection of materials for your custom portfolio book (25 and counting!) and we also know choosing the best one for you can be a daunting task. The good news is that it’s the fun part! You can choose just about any combination and permutation that […]

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    How to Use Your Portfolio Book to Land Your First Job as a Design Graduate

    You’ve recently graduated design school with a slew of knowledge and ideas and you’re ready to make an imprint on the world!  You’ve built an arsenal of creative and technical skills along with a wicked portfolio that showcases just how awesome you are.  So now it’s time to take to the streets and look for […]

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    Client Spotlight: Photographer Shekinah Shazaam

    Shekinah Shazaam is a stellar photographer who has an eye for layout and the perfect candid shot. Not only is she a photographer supreme, she adds a twist to her work through the use of unique costumes and color schemes. We love how she experiments with different materials and color palettes to create a photo […]

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    Client Spotlight: Graphic Designer and Photographer Gabrielle Bégin

    Gabrielle Begin’s work is bright, optimistic, and includes a plethora of quirky illustrations.   She is a lady of many talents, including hand lettering, graphic design and photography.   Gabrielle graduated from the graphic design program at Collège la Cité, in Ottawa, where typography and hand lettering caught her attention. Her work appears fluid and organic,  so much […]

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    Client Spotlight: Photographer, Filmmaker & Adventurer Matt Baldelli

    When it comes to difficult, demanding and dangerous photography, Matt Baldelli is your guy. Being an adventurer himself, Matt has a precise eye for the most astonishing outdoor shots. Whether it be from hanging off cliffs in Moab, Utah or inside a climbing gym, his photos capture an intense story that personifies the thrill of […]

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