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    5 Tips to Help You Survive the Last 2 Weeks of Design School

    Hello fellow designers and soon to be design grads!  My name’s Heather and I’m the Graphic Designer and Proofer at Klo Portfolios. As proofer I help you modify and tweak your custom portfolio design until it’s perfect.  As graphic designer I have the pleasure to use my creativity to design many projects for Klo from […]

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    A Step by Step Guide to Adding Pages to Your Custom Portfolio Book Using Hinge Strips

    We get asked all the time, how do I add pages to my custom screwpost portfolio book?  We’ve talked about the different methods of inserting pages in another post although we’re going to get up close and personal with our favorite method, hinge strips. You can purchase these along with your custom portfolio and prints […]

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    New Custom Marble Acrylic Portfolio Books!

    Drum roll…..! We’re thrilled to release our latest exclusive treatment for your most awesome custom Klo Portfolio book. The newest edition to the Klo treatment family is our Marble UV Print & Cure which mimics the beautiful swirls and appearance of marble itself while avoiding the pitfalls of the actual marble stone such as its […]

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    Everything You Need to Know About Personalizing Your Custom Portfolio Book

    Think about treatments as the icing and sprinkles to your already unique hand crafted Klo portfolio.  Your portfolio is custom and treated with care and attention so the design implemented onto the portfolio is the ultimate cherry on top. Klo’s treatments allow your portfolio to be perfectly customized and catered to YOU and only you!  You’ll have […]

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    Formatting Your Print Files with Bleeds and Crop Marks for Klo Portfolios

    Let’s talk about prints! There is nothing like having your creative work come to life in the form of prints, a visually tangible and engaging representation of your work. Before we get to that final ‘ah ha!’ moment for our printed work,  let’s go over a few easy steps to ensure that your files are […]

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    3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Ordering Your Custom Portfolio Book

    Many folks – be they students or working professionals – come to us asking what sort of components they should consider getting for their custom portfolio book. Chances are if you’re reading this that you are wondering the same. Well never fear! We strive to help you make the best portfolio that your wicked imagination […]

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