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    New Custom Concrete Acrylic Portfolio Books!


    We are stoked to be adding to our Klo Portfolios patterned acrylic collection! Our newest addition to the bunch is our concrete acrylic portfolio books.  This tactile concrete texture is UV Printed & Cured onto our snow white acrylic portfolio for a realistic concrete aesthetic.  The perks of having a faux concrete portfolio is avoiding the obvious downfall of real concrete being that it is extremely heavy.

    Our concrete acrylic portfolio books are created with care in house so you won’t find them anywhere else! These portfolios came to life through our belief of the importance of strong foundations.  We love the juxtaposition between solid, industrial concrete and light portfolio books.  It’s the best of both words.


    Concrete is the combination of water, aggregate, and cement. When used well by architects and engineers the results are phenomenal. The reinforced 43.4m dome of the Pantheon in Rome, which was created in AD128, is the world’s first iconic concrete structure and is equally astonishing today as it was back then.


    Concrete is admired for it’s unique texture, the way it creates light and shadow and it’s appearance of being delicate. For all these reasons we decided it would be the perfect second addition to our patterned acrylic portfolio collection.

    Customize your concrete portfolio nppl with an engraving, engraved color fill, UV Print & Cure, s or cut-out.  The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

    Need help creating the perfect artwork for your custom portfolio?  For logo inspiration check out “How to Create a Stellar Logo for your Brand“.  For resources and inspiration for your design projects check out “101 Essential Online Resources for Graphic Designers“.


    New! Full Color UV Print Treatment for your Custom Portfolio Book!

    We’re thrilled to announce the offering of our new UV Print Treatment exclusive to Klo Portfolios which allows you to virtually print any graphic, photo, or illustration directly on to your custom portfolio book.  Some call it magic, we call it pure awesomeness!

    Perfectly tailor your aesthetic and branding with dramatic full color effects like you’ve never seen before and have it color matched to boot.  Further enhance your design by adding gloss or matte finishes for unique embossing and varnishing effects.  This treatment will stand the test of time since it cures instantly and adheres to any of our acrylic, bamboo, or brushed aluminum materials.  Create stunning full cover graphics and leave a lasting impression on your viewer.


    Custom screwpost portfolio book with UV Print treatment Klo Portfolios

    Custom bamboo portfolio book with engraved uv print treatmentCustom interior design portfolio book with uv print by kloportfolios

    Custom screwpost portfolio book with UV print by Klo portfolios

    What’s so great about UV Printing?  Unlike conventional printing methods, UV printing uses energy efficient UV-LED lamps that generate low level of heat so you can feel good about the environmentally friendly methods of production.

    As always, your custom portfolio is created in-house in the trusted hands of our portfolio artisans and design team that will ensure you receive exactly what you ordered, every time.

    We’re working on exciting combinations such as an engraved UV print treatment where the area is first engraved and a graphic or pattern is applied in the engraved area.

    Got a question or want to say hello?  Give us a shout via email or phone and we’ll get you some answers :-)

    Happy creating!





    NEW! Ebony Stained Bamboo Porfolio Books

    Earlier this year we introduced our Ebony Stain bamboo portfolio books which are hand-stained in house and reveal the bamboo’s natural color when engraved. This creates a beautiful contrast between the ebony stain and the artwork that we engrave on to your custom portfolio.

    Custom photography portfolio book in ebony stained bamboo by klo portfolios

    Custom fashion design portfolio book in ebony stain bamboo with engraving Custom interior design portfolio book with ebony stain bamboo klo portfoliosBoth pieces of bamboo that make up your custom portfolio are cut, sanded, and meticulously stained to perfection.  Our bamboo screwpost portfolios are always made of 1/4″ thick real bamboo.  We don’t mess around with cheap veneers like the other guys.

    Add an engraved color fill for an additional tactile layer that will leave anyone viewing your custom portfolio impressed.  We have metallic gold, silver, and copper color fills available along with other colors if you’re looking to add a little something special to your bamboo portfolio.

    Custom graphic design portfolio book- ebony stained bamboo klo portfolios Ebony stain presentation portfolio by Klo Portfolios

    Got a question or idea you’d like to run by us?  Feel free to contact us and we’ll get to the bottom of it :-)

    As always, happy creating!



    New! White Binding Available for all Custom Portfolio Books

    We’re excited to offer our new white powder binding alongside our black powder and original silver stainless still custom binding exclusively created for Klo Portfolios.  We opted for stainless steel over aluminum binding since it’s stronger, more resilient, and won’t falter with use of your portfolio book over time.

    Upgrade your custom portfolio to a white powder binding for $14.95 when you build your own custom portfolio book.

    As always feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your custom portfolio project.

    Happy Creating,



    FREE Powder Black Binding Upgrade until August 15th!

    Want to add a stealth and sexy look to your portfolio book?  Receive a free powder black binding upgrade when you purchase any custom portfolio book until August 15th.

    Enter POWDERBLACK at checkout to have it included in your order :-)  Check out some photos below.

    Custom portfolio in matte black with enraving treatment

    Custom photography portfolio book in white acrylic with vinyl decal treatment and powder black binding

    Custom Realtor portfolio book with engraving, cut-out, and color fill treatments on matte black acrylic



    Redesigned and Recharged Klo Portfolios Website!

    Out with the old and in with the new.  Welcome to our freshly improved Klo Portfolios site!  After taking in your feedback and suggestions, we’re excited to share some changes we’ve made.

    Ordering Process

    We’ve streamlined our “Build your Own” page so you are able to customize your portfolio book, upload your design file, make payment and choose add-ons such as hinge strips, printing services, and binding finish.  You can log back in to check the status of your order as well as track your shipping.  Check out the Build Your Own Custom Portfolio Book page.

    Custom Wedding Books and Baby Books

    You asked and we delivered!  We’re offering custom wedding memory and sign in  books as well as baby memory books for you or your loved ones to celebrate their special moments.  You can upload your own design or choose from one of our templates and customize to your liking.

    Design Templates

    We have carefully created some awesome templates you can customize.  Choose from one of our beautifully designed templates or upload your own design when you go through the Build Your Own Custom Portfolio Book page.  Not looking for a template?  Submit your own design and we’ll bring it to life.

    Customer Stories Video Series

    Over the years, we’ve had the chance to work with thousands of talented designers and companies and this has inspired us to share some of their stories and the outcome of our collaborations in creating the perfect custom portfolio book.  You can view them here.

    Updated Custom Portfolio Gallery

    We do our best to snap a photo of the custom portfolios we get to create for our customers and have included some of our favorites in the custom portfolio book gallery.

    Questions? Comments?  We’d love to hear from you so shoot us an email or give us a ring :-)



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