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    Client Spotlight: Graphic Designer Brendan Mudryk

    Brendan Mudryk is the genius and creative brain behind Tyr Designs.  Brendan’s design has no limits and he is the king of thinking outside the box.   If you’re looking for designs that are weird and out of this universe, he’s your guy.  Brendan graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design and has worked with bands such as KRS-One, The X Presidents, the Pharcyde and many more.  He has a wide range of talents from illustration to digital design to branding.

    Brendan Mudryk Graphic Designer Selfie

    Back when Brendan ordered a custom portfolio book from us, his intricate typographic logo caught our attention. We’ve since learned more about how Brendan’s passion was born, his design process, and what resource he can’t live without.  Check it out below!

    Custom Engraved White Screwpost Portfolio Book

    How did you get into graphic design?

    Neopets.  Seriously. If you’re not sure what Neopets is, it’s effectively a browser based Tamagotchi. On the site you could customize your profile via HTML code and there were websites that you would make the code and design the pages for you.  All you had to do was copy and paste the code.  When I was a kid I was hugely into playing Neopets and being a metalhead at an early age, I had an issue with the lack of metal theme profiles. Using MS Paint I took it upon myself to design my own and replace the images in the pre-made code. My dad noticed what I was doing, got me Photoshop, and I’ve been doing graphic design work ever since.

    Brochure Design Portfolio Show brochure graphic design art school portfolio show Graphic Design Brochure Design Colours portfolio show brochure design

    What is your design process?

    Depends heavily on the project.  Posters are different from logos, which are different from apps and so on.  First and foremost though, with any project, I meet with the people contacting me.  Talking about the project is important of course, but its more important for me to get to know them.  There is always an emotional connection with a person and the envisioned idea in their head and I want to tap into that.  The more I can learn about them, the more I can get a feel for the style and direction they want.

    After that I start doing mood boards, sketches, whatever I can while listening to music that reflects the tone of the project.  The music helps me maintain a certain consistent feeling and tone within all the concepts in a somewhat organic way.  To me design isn’t separate from fine art, they’re both just part of the same bigger web.  As a result I treat my entire process like an art project but instead of pulling it solely from my head, I have to pull from someone else’s as well and the more connection that person and I have, the more accurate my interpretation becomes.

    Book Cover Design Magazine Cover Graphic Design Layout Book Design Graphic Design Layout Typography Image Design Layout Booklet Brochure Design Typography Illustration Graphic Design

    What’s one resource you can’t live without?

    You know how you get visions in your head when you listen to specific songs? Or how music in movies inspire certain emotions and give you chills? That feeling from music is what I couldn’t live without. That essence of music is is what I love about it and it use as a force to push my work. I want Purple Haze to play in your head when looking at a psychedelic design, or viking metal while looking at a Nordic logo. Doesn’t matter what it is, every one of my creations has a musical theme anchoring it.

    We are constantly amazed by the creativity we see through each client that orders a custom portfolio book through us. Each story we hear about our customers’ creative journeys inspire us to continue creating beautiful custom portfolios to help fellow creatives.

    Order a custom portfolio book today and take the first step into your creative quest!


    Client Spotlight: Editorial Lifestyle Food Photographer Shelby Bella

    Shelby Bella Lifestyle Editorial Food Phtographer Client Spotlight

    Looking at Shelby Bella’s food photography will guarantee an unexpected drool attack.  Shelby has a gift for making any dish look like a $100 meal.  Her eye for colors and layout makes for the most aesthetically pleasing photos.

    She’s had a passion for photography ever since she could hold a camera and this adamantly shines through her work.  She has an appreciation for dishes of all cultures and exceeds in making it look like something you’d devour in a moments notice.  Shelby beautifully captures the artistry of cooking or baking from scratch and all the ingredients that go into each dish.

    We took notice of her work when she came to us for the build of her custom portfolio book.  Shelby customized her photography portfolio book with our marble acrylic material and a UV Print & Cure treatment.

    We caught up with her to ask her about her favorite projects, tips she has for photographers starting out, and the importance of having a physical portfolio book.

    What is your favorite project you’ve worked on?

    In food photography there is a lot of fake productions that goes into making food look beautiful.  One of my favorite projects was making “ice cream” out of mashed potatoes.  Due to ice cream melting quickly, my food stylist, Isabel Castro, and I carved mashed potatoes, dyed them, and then melted real ice cream underneath the mashed potatoes to give the effect of melting ice cream.  The production was fun; creative, and challenging which is why it was my favorite project.

    Ice Cream Food Editorial Lifestyle Photography

    What tips do you have for aspiring photographers?

    My tips for aspiring photographers would be to always stay sharp, constantly be marketing yourself, and draw inspiration on a daily basis. You need to know what trends are coming out and by staying updated with the photography world will only make yourself better.  As far as marketing goes, I always go back to what my instructors would tell me, “You can be an okay photographer, but if you know how to market yourself, you will be the one to book the jobs.”

    Marketing is a full time job in itself and can move mountains for your business.  And finally, drawing inspiration is the fun part, I like to study cookbooks, magazines, other photographer’s websites, etc. Inspiration makes my heart beat and keeps my passion flowing within my photography.

    Blueberry Panckes In Bed Food Photography Editorial

    Grilled Cheese Editorial Food Photography

    Drink Photography

    Editorial Food Photography Chef

    Has having a physical body of work helped you?

    Having a portfolio book to show clients has helped me greatly.  Most of my clients are very hands on people.  When I show chefs my work, they like to see the physical copies of my photographs because of the style, the feel of the paper, and the personal connection we make when we layout my book and go over my photos. My book is sturdy, has good weight to it, and feels luxurious.  It complements my work and meets a professional standard.

    Custom Marble Acrylic Screwpost Portfolio Book Binder

    We love hearing the stories that make up the contents of our customer’s portfolio books. Often years of hard work are made tangible and shared with others and we couldn’t be any happier to be apart of it.

    Create your own custom portfolio book and start your creative journey!


    New Custom Concrete Acrylic Portfolio Books!


    We are stoked to be adding to our Klo Portfolios patterned acrylic collection! Our newest addition to the bunch is our concrete acrylic portfolio books.  This tactile concrete texture is UV Printed & Cured onto our snow white acrylic portfolio for a realistic concrete aesthetic.  The perks of having a faux concrete portfolio is avoiding the obvious downfall of real concrete being that it is extremely heavy.

    Our concrete acrylic portfolio books are created with care in house so you won’t find them anywhere else! These portfolios came to life through our belief of the importance of strong foundations.  We love the juxtaposition between solid, industrial concrete and light portfolio books.  It’s the best of both words.


    Concrete is the combination of water, aggregate, and cement. When used well by architects and engineers the results are phenomenal. The reinforced 43.4m dome of the Pantheon in Rome, which was created in AD128, is the world’s first iconic concrete structure and is equally astonishing today as it was back then.


    Concrete is admired for it’s unique texture, the way it creates light and shadow and it’s appearance of being delicate. For all these reasons we decided it would be the perfect second addition to our patterned acrylic portfolio collection.

    Customize your concrete portfolio nppl with an engraving, engraved color fill, UV Print & Cure, s or cut-out.  The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

    Need help creating the perfect artwork for your custom portfolio?  For logo inspiration check out “How to Create a Stellar Logo for your Brand“.  For resources and inspiration for your design projects check out “101 Essential Online Resources for Graphic Designers“.


    4 Inspiring Student Portfolio Show Tables

    Portfolio show’s are one of the most important days for a student attending design school. It’s their final step before graduating and one of their first opportunities to network and meet potential employers. We love being a part of this special day by creating custom portfolios that represent our customer’s sense of style and individuality.

    We’re intrigued by each student’s unique and creative portfolio design and how they decorate their tables to match their personality and branding.

    For anyone whose big day is approaching, we’ve gathered four inspiring portfolio tables that our customers laid out at their shows. These tables are all one of a kind and definite show stoppers!

    Whimsical Beach

    Custom Engrave Portfolio Book Display

    Megan’s frosted clear acrylic portfolio book with an engraved color fill is displayed beautifully on a table decorated with elements reminiscent of a relaxing beach day.  She brought the beach to her table through elements like shells, sea glass and a small log.

    We love how she livened up the table with flowers and succulents. The flowers even matched her warm pastel color scheme! To stand out from her classmates, she included both a blue and woven beige table cloth that tied into her beach theme.

    Student Portfolio Book Custom Engraved at Portfolio Show

    Megan displayed her business cards on a small wooden branch with slits for the cards. We love to see students with unique ways of showing off their business cards based on their chosen theme. Megan’s table shows how tactile and tangible elements can draw attention to your area at the show and attract potential employers right away.

    Sweet Bow

    Student Portfolio Show Table Layout

    Shay’s table features our matte black acrylic portfolio book with an engraved color fill of metallic silver.  Her delicate bow illustration on her portfolio perfectly reflects the exquisite table design she decided to go with.

    Shay’s elegant and minimalist branding is easily captured through her portfolio show table layout. We love the way one of her fashion illustrations were displayed between to sets of roses.

    A great way to show off your work, apart from in your portfolio book, is to have your favorite piece displayed separately so it will be seen right away.  This will catch a potential employer’s  attention and lead them to ask more questions about the art.

    Custom Engraved Portfolio Book Acrylic

    Another takeaway from Shay’s portfolio table is the addition of food to your table! Who doesn’t love a tasty treat? People will automatically be drawn to your table if you’re offering a free snack and they”re more likely to stick around to chat while they eat.

    Eco Friendly Fashion

    Custom Student Bamboo Portfolio Book Display

    Bailey’s custom amber bamboo portfolio book with an engraved color fill reflects her eco-friendly aesthetic that reveals itself in her work and design philosophy.

    Her table is another example of how plants such as succulents add color and liveliness.  Bailey displayed her portfolio book and business cards on foam made to resemble brick.  Her custom portfolio stood out from the rest of the table since it was heightened like a pedestal for her work.

    Student Portfolio Show Table Design

    She used  bamboo crates matching her portfolio book to hold succulents, adding varying heights to her table.  What stood out the most to us about Bailey’s table was her little goody bags.  It’s a clever idea to have a small take-away that features your branding and logo so people will remember you once they’ve left the show.  Plus, people are always stoked on receiving free goodies!

    Sophisticated Elegance

    Student Portfolio Show Table Set Up Inspiration

    Gurleen’s custom brushed silver aluminum portfolio book with a burnishing treatment is displayed beautifully on her show table featuring a black table cloth.

    The use of the table cloth allows her to stand out from the rest of the white table cloths. We recommend switching it up and adding your own table cloth to your portfolio show table to emphasize your color scheme further.

    Gurleen also used succulents as a tactile element on her table.  A splash of green s an awesome contrast against the black table cloth.  It’s important to add contrast to your table to draw employer’s attention and catch their eye so they’ll visit your table.

    Custom Aluminum Portfolio Book at Portfolio Show  Table

    Gurleen highlighted her silver theme through silver doilies under her succulents and a silver plate holding her giveaways.  We love the way she wrapped lights around the top of the table, adding vibrancy against a darker theme.  She also lit up her table with a couple candles to create a warm and inviting display.

    Based on these 4 examples we have summed it up into 5 hot tips for your upcoming portfolio show table design.

    1. Be unique by adding a table cloth that matches your brand color scheme.

    2. Feature your favorite project or artwork separately from your portfolio to strike up conversation right away.

    3. Prepare some goody bags for people to take home that feature your logo and branding.

    4. Add varying heights to your table to draw people’s attention from far away.

    5. Display your business cards on or in a tactile item that reflects your branding theme.

    We look forward to seeing all the beautiful tables out there this portfolio show season!


    From Our Production Table to Your Hands: The Klo Custom Portfolio Book Process

    Have you ever wondered what your beautiful personalized portfolio book goes through before it’s finally in your hands? Wonder no more!  Our first priority has always been to provide the highest grade materials coupled with unique treatments that are wrapped in a bow of craftsmanship you won’t find anywhere else.

    We believe in the power of the tangible and create custom portfolios that empower the designers who carry them. We thrive on your satisfaction and trust that our success is based on your happiness.  Read on to find out more about how we put our all into each and every step of the portfolio production process.

    Creators of custom screwpost portfolio books for designers

    Your Custom Portfolio Concierge

    The journey begins when you place your order and upload your design file and are assigned your very own Custom Portfolio Concierge.  They’ll take you under their wing to ensure your design will work perfectly with your material and treatment.  They’ll act as your point of contact, helping you each step of the way.  The first order of business is creating a proof for your approval so you know exactly what you’re getting.

    We'll help you create the best screwpost portfolio book with our Portfolio Concierge!

    Production Prep

    Once your proof has been approved, the graphic design team will create the necessary file for the machines being used and send your file off to the production team, where the magic happens!

    Your custom portfolio is now in the hands of our skilled production team who will view the details of your order and cut material based on what they’ll need to bring this bad boy to life.   All our material are locally sourced and chosen carefully for the best quality.  We cut when you place your order so that there is the least amount of waste possible.

    Before the final job, they might run a test of the design on your portfolio book to ensure your material and treatment choice will work blissfully together.  Our production team has an eye for precision and detail so they’re picky when it comes to making your custom portfolio look perfect.


    Head Portfolio Artisan crafting a custom graphic design portfolio book

    Klo Portfolio Custom Portfolio Builders

    Go Time!

    Your portfolio design file is set up for production and it’s go time!  Your cut material is ready for customization and depending on the treatment and material you choose, different machinery will be used.

    After your portfolio cover is customized, it will go through a rigorous quality check where the production team makes sure everything is up to snuff.

    The production team are always hard at work and multitasking to set up portfolios for production, quality checking each portfolio, carefully assembling the books, and ensuring the finished product is the bees knees.  Once your portfolio has passed two quality checks, it’s lovingly assembled, wrapped, and sent out for shipment, soon to be in your hands!

    Your Custom Portfolio, on a Jet Plane!

    At last!  Your custom portfolio book is almost in your hands.   Our around time is two weeks in hand from date of proof approval.

    For an extra fee, we offer a rush service that is eight days from date of proof approval in the case that you need it in a flash.

    We know you’re anxious to receive your portfolio book so we include a complimentary upgrade to overnight shipping for the price of ground.  You’ll receive it the day after it ships which is a bonus!

    In Your Hands

    One of Klo’s commandments has always been that the power is in your hands.  The journey is up to you and we know that you and your work will go places.  Empowering designers by creating a tangible portfolio that reflects their unique style and branding is what drives us to continually create.

    We have the pleasure of bringing a smile to your face when you first open your fresh new  portfolio book and we’ll continue to create the tangible for as long as you supply the inspiration.

    Ready to start building your own custom portfolio book? Visit our Build Your Own to get started.  We’re here via email or phone if you have any questions along the way.

    Custom ebonized portfolio book with engraving treatment

    Custom engraved screwpost graphic design portfolio book by klo portfolios


    Custom Restaurant Menu Covers for Rogers Arena’s The Sportsbar

    We recently had the pleasure of working with Top Table Group, one of Vancouver’s finest restaurateurs with a mouth-watering portfolio that includes Araxi, Blue Water Cafe, Cin Cin, and Thierry to name a few.

    With an exciting new project on the horizon, Top Table came to Klo Portfolios to create custom menu covers and receipt backers for their new high-end venture called The Sportsbar Live! at Rogers Arena.  The ambitious 600+ seat sports bar is the first of its kind, giving visitors a chance to view the hockey game as it unfolds live! Their menu boasts sports bar favorites reworked with high quality and local ingredients for an unforgettable experience.

    It was important for Top Table to incorporate the color scheme of The Sports Bar while carrying over the high-energy feel of the venue.  Their graphic design team came up with the concept of a two tone menu cover that would include high gloss red acrylic on one side, and a matte black on the other.

    custom menu covers for vancouver restaurant

    custom menu backers by klo portfolios

    We achieved this look by using a gloss red acrylic that was UV Printed & Cured on one side with black ink.  To give the restaurant menus and receipt backers a more tactile feel, we engraved a pattern of lines over the UV Printed black area and left a peek-a-boo effect over certain parts of the logo which revealed the original red acrylic underneath the UV Print.

    custom clipboard receipt holder by klo portfolios

    acrylic menu covers by klo portfolios

    custom menu backers for Vancouver Sports Bar by Klo Portfolios

    The result:  Beautifully tactile and multi-treated custom menu covers and receipt backers that highlight the action packed atmosphere of The Sportsbar with a classy twist.

    Whether it’s a custom portfolio book that’s meticulously crafted to hold your body of work, or custom restaurant menu covers to please an army of your patrons, we’ve got your covered.  Have a project in mind?  Give us a shout and tell us what you have in mind.




    6 Beautiful Examples of UV Printed Custom Portfolio Books

    We cherish our UV Printer and the work it produces. A UV Printer is a digital printer that contains ultra-violet lights which instantly dries or “cures” the ink on to almost any material imaginable.   This process allows for finer detail and is also more environmentally friendly because less odor and heat occurs during the process. It also has the power to make a killer custom portfolio book!  Bringing to life any vivid color, pattern, or photo you’d like to incorporate on your screwpost portfolio.

    We offer the UV Print & Cure treatments on all our portfolio materials including acrylic, bamboo, and brushed aluminums! One of the best traits of the UV Printer is it allows us to print real photographs onto the portfolios.

    Take a look at 6 examples of how the UV Printer worked it’s magic to produce beautiful custom pieces!

    Danni chose a full cover UV Print & Cure of a photograph of concrete she had taken.  She chose our frosted clear acrylic material as the canvas for her custom portfolio book.  The final result? A completely bespoke piece that truly represents her work.

    The full cover approach creates a memorable portfolio that will be sure to catch the eye of employers. When designing your portfolio, don’t be scared to explore a full cover option. It shows you’re brave and want to stand out.  Like they say, go big or go home!

    Custom screwpost portfolio book with UV Print by Klo Portfolios
    Marilyne also went with a full cover UV Print & Cure treatment. The beauty of the UV Printer is we can print any effect and color you desire.  Marilyne chose a colored acrylic paint texture with the text printed in black on snow white acrylic. This design turned out so well it makes you want to touch it to see if the paint is really there!

    Alex went with a UV Print of stairs on our brushed silver aluminum for his custom architecture portfolio. The UV Print on our brushed aluminum and bamboo portfolios allows for an interesting effect of the aluminum or bamboo texture showing through the print. We can also complete a solid print of your artwork so the grain of the material doesn’t show through.

    Another perk of our beloved UV Printer is the spot gloss! The spot gloss is available on all materials, although it works best on our brushed aluminums and acrylics.

    Anthony, chose to UV Print his unique illustration with a spot gloss and an engraved color fill for the line around the design and his name.

    Something else to consider when designing your custom portfolio is the combination of treatments.  The combination can add for a nice contrast and pop of the design, making your custom portfolio book more tactile.   Anthony’s engraved color fill  brilliantly highlights his spot gloss design.

    Custom graphic design portfolio book
    Emily chose a black and white UV Print of an image on our frosted clear acrylic material. On top of being able to produce infinite colors the UV Printer can also print black and white images. This allows for a more subtle look with a mysterious feel.

    Sandi went with a color, large UV Print on our tiger bamboo portfolio. The combination of the stripped bamboo and the bright colors is an awesome contrast. This is another example of how a large design can result in a powerful portfolio that will never be forgotten!


    New Custom Marble Acrylic Portfolio Books!

    Drum roll…..! We’re thrilled to release our latest exclusive treatment for your most awesome custom Klo Portfolio book.

    The newest edition to the Klo treatment family is our Marble UV Print & Cure which mimics the beautiful swirls and appearance of marble itself while avoiding the pitfalls of the actual marble stone such as its weight and price.

    The Marble UV Print & Cure is exclusive to Klo Portfolios and is created in house by our Portfolio Artisans. The marble pattern is UV printed and cured for a seamless look on the front, back and inside covers of your custom portfolio book, creating an overall cohesive appearance.


    Marble portfolio book by Klo Portfolios- Acrylic Material

    Marble is known for its prestige, refined taste and grand aesthetics. The word marble itself comes from the Greek word ‘marmaros’ which is defined as ‘shining stone.’ Marble ranges over various cultures, backgrounds and timelines. Italian sculptures preferred marble for its durability and translucency to create stunning masterpieces of art. The Taj Mahal’s commissioner, Shah Jahan, chose marble for its refined elegance as a token of love to his wife Mumtaz Mahal and created one of the seven wonders of the world. Safe to say, you are in great company!

    Today, marble is being revived as a classic and historically significant stone and can be seen heavily in modern architecture and interior design trends.  As with all our other screwpost portfolio treatments, you can engrave, color fill, cutout and UV Print on top of your marble portfolio!

    Engraving on your custom marble portfolio book allows you to etch or carve your design into the material itself, while a color fill can allow for your engraved design to stand out with your choice of any CMYK color.

    A cut out treatment can create a peak through preview for your work underneath, and is the ultimate custom treatment. Last but not least, the UV Print & Cure treatment can be utilized for any CMYK image or vector that allows you to represent a range of colors. Check out our blog on how to represent treatments in your design template.

    marble portfolio book by klo portfolios

    Of course, you can always combine various treatment together to achieve your perfect look. The options are endless. Let your imagination soar for your designs and let us create for you a marble masterpiece to tote your work. Check out our gallery to see our various treatment examples on custom screwpost portfolios to get your gears in motion.



    Now Hiring: Graphic Design and Graphic Proofing

    Attention to all awesome Graphic Designers in Vancouver:  We’re looking to add a stellar graphic designer to our team that can manage customer orders from start to finish including completing proofs in Illustrator, communication via email with customers, as well as internally passing over files to necessary team members for production.

    We have an awesome studio in Gastown and offer a laid-back yet professional work environment. We are a young and growing company that gets things done and has a good time doing it : -)

    Ideally you have:

    - 3+ years graphic design experience
    - Experience using a Mac computer
    - Complete fluency in Adobe Creative Suite, especially Illustrator
    - A master at creating vector files, proofs, and production ready files
    - Organized and detailed oriented
    - Exceptional people skills and ability to leave a great impression on customers
    - An honest and hardworking streak in you

    Your Role Includes:

    - Answering phone and email inquiries about our products and services (along with everyone else in the studio)
    - Downloading client artwork, and reviewing/proofing artwork in Adobe Illustrator
    - Checking size, resolution, borders, margins, cut-offs, bleeds, and adjusting to fit our template
    - Converting artwork to vector formats if necessary for production
    - Labeling files according name of customer and invoice number
    - Corresponding with customers to approve their proof via email and telephone
    - Creating and passing on approved files to Production Manager for completion
    - Communicating with Marketing Manager as well as other production staff about status of every order
    - Design artwork based on the needs of clients, with their marketing agenda in mind

    Compensation: $18-$20 per hour depending on experience.

    This position is for 30 hours/week contract position to start as we plan to make it full time by February 2015.

    To apply please submit your resume and current portfolio as well as a brief description about yourself and why you think you’re the perfect person for the job to info[at]kloportfolios.com.


    NOW HIRING: Pattern Maker- Leather Goods

    We are looking for an exceptional Pattern Maker with experience working with leather to join our growing team at our Vancouver Studio.  Are you the one we’ve been searching for?  Know anyone perfect for the job?

    Please email your resume and cover letter to info[at]kloportfolios.com with “Pattern Maker- Leather Goods Contract Position” in the subject line and leave us a note about your availability to come in for a chat. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!

    The Role: Pattern Maker- Leather Goods Contract Position
    Location: Vancouver, BC

    Interprets design sketches and specifications into patterns and soft goods samples utilizing leather and mixed materials for leather cases. Extended contract available for sewing and assembly of final products.

    Your responsibilities will include:

    • Translate our ideas and take it from concept, to a prototype, and a final product
    • Knowledge of new styles and materials in development, identify challenges, and collaborate on solutions
    • Assist in sourcing necessary materials for project completion including leather, notions etc.
    • Interpret design sketches into flat patterns.
    • Cut, prepare, and assemble mockups and samples from both man-made materials and leather
    • Work within seasonal deadlines and promptly address urgent priorities
    • Provide complete pattern sets, raw material lists, and documentation for hand-off from development to manufacturing
    • Keep accurate files and records of patterns and styles developed
    • Communicate daily with others in the organization, including email

    Ideally you will have:

    • Excellent ability to grasp our vision
    • Flexible in thought and highly creative
    • Artistically captures the feeling expressed in a drawing into a finished sample.
    • Able to make patterns and samples from start to finish with own hands or CAD software
    • 3-5 years experience pattern and sample making experience in high quality leather goods and soft goods fashion accessories
    • Knowledgeable about various materials and alternative materials used in soft goods fashion accessories
    • Able to find creative solutions to product construction challenges
    • Creates samples utilizing methods of handwork, construction, and machinery which can be implemented in production
    • Well versed in both technical design and pattern engineering
    • CAD pattern software skills preferred
    • Adobe illustrator knowledge an asset

    Salary is based on experience.



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