Portfolio Book Material Guide


The Acrylic Ice collection is a cool frosted finish with a textured surface that resists fingerprints and is easy to clean. This material diffuses light and has the appearance of etched glass and is bound to make your work pop.

The Acrylic Fluorescent collection offers attention-grabbing neon colors with vivid edge color and long fluorescent life. Brazenly bold and colorful, this material provides superior uniformity of surface and edge color.

The Acrylic Radiant Collection creates dazzling color changes and dramatic eye-catching movement - and all without any lighting! Make your portfolio case shimmer with iridescenet colors that change as the viewer moves. Perfect for those who'd like to add a jolt of energy to their work.

Aluminum Composite

Available in brushed silver and gold, this material is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. It's superior surface will provide excellent durability with only half the weight of aluminum.

When engraved or cut out, this material will reveal a black core that'll add to the design of your custom portfolio case.


Available in a natural and caramelized finish, bamboo will give your portfolio case a sophisticated organic look. This material is 25% harder than oak, and 12 % harder than maple, making it durable as it is beautiful. All of our bamboo materials contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and is classified as a Rapidly Renewable Material.


"I discovered Tarlan's work through a simple online search for portfolios, but once I began to explore her gallery of custom made portfolios I knew I had to have her make mine. Her work is precise, sleek, and every piece is unique when finished. Her materials are high quality and beautiful to see and touch. She was an absolute pleasure to communicate with and worked so efficiently with my limited time constraints. When I received my portfolio in the mail it was exactly what I had envisioned in my original concept. She has successfully created a wonderful piece of art for me to display my own creative work."

- Jill Jankowski (Beverly, MA)

"My portfolio came out great. Tarlan worked with me on different options since I had a budget. She did an amazing job helping me choose a design that represented my designs. I have several classmates who were impressed by her work, and will be collaborating with her when choosing a custom portfolio. I look forward to doing business with Tarlan in the future."

- Edith Valencia (Reno, Nevada)

"I had been searching for a month for a unique graphic design portfolio and I wanted it to be different than the ones I saw at art supply stores. Mine had to stand out. I came to a point where I thought 'I'm going to design mine own portfolio cover and get it done even if it's in Zimbabwe!' Finally I found Klo Portfolios, which was exactly what I wanted. I showed Tarlan my idea and she was able to translate it into exactly what I was looking for. It has been well worth it and I love my custom portfolio case."

- Sedef Uzer (Vancouver, BC)