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    Customer Stories


    Ryan West

    Professional Photographer

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    Sofia Gobbato

    Fashion Designer

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    Nicole Sofia

    Interior Designer

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    • Martina Fanella

      I feel extremely blessed to have found Klo Portfolios. I was recently a college senior and needed to put together a portfolio for graduation and for any potential job opportunities that may have come my way. I took to the internet and even those around me and researched all of my options.

      After all the research it was clear that Klo Portfolios was the choice for me. I emailed Tarlan about what I wanted and was able to get my portfolio custom made to my liking.

      Everywhere I have shown my portfolio at either interviews or industry parties, I get nothing but compliments on the entire portfolio. It is one thing to have amazing work but it is another to have an amazing presentation. Presentation is key and Klo Portfolios has been great in giving me the options in creating this portfolio.

      I would recommend them to any designer friends of mine that are in the market to upgrade or redesign their portfolios. Overall I think the best part about this company is that they work hand in hand with you to create a portfolio that is all your own and is true to who you are as a professional and an individual.

    • Mayshanna Pandora Briscoe

      I finally decided to go with Klo Portfolio. Out of the companies I looked at, they had the best options for my brand. Based on a template they provided, I was able to create my layout in Illustrator. Once my proof was approved I had my portfolio within a week! The customer service was great and the craftsmanship is remarkable.

      I love the look of the engraved bamboo cover. Working with Klo was super easy and fun. Since I received my portfolio I have shown it to several people, and they all LOVE it! I feel this is one of the smartest buys of my design career. Having a professional, elegant portfolio demonstrates that you took the time to package your work in a presentable manner.

    • Eduardo Herrera

      Thank you doing such an amazing job on my custom portfolio, it looks AWESOME!! I couldn’t be happier!

    • Ehya Vatanparast

      Thank you Klo Portfolios for the amazing custom portfolio! My book was a definite stand out at our portfolio show.

    • Montinique Island

      I love my portfolio book!! It’s awesome thanks you all so much for making my vision come alive!!!! KLO is amazing!

    • Dayne Erickson

      Thank you for all of your help! cant wait to go wreck some interviews and presentations.

    • Miyah Lauren

      Thank you so much for making me a beautiful custom made portfolio book which won me the Herman Miller “Best in Show”.

      Choosing bamboo as a sustainable material for the cover and printing my portfolio pages, business cards and CD cases on 100% recycled paper really tied in my mandate to always be ecologically conscious in my design choices.

    • Lisa Munns

      Thank you so much for my portfolio! It turned out perfect!

    • Cimone Key

      I love my Klo Portoflio! This caused a stir at The Art Institute of Dallas portfolio show! THANK YOU!

    • Anthony Tartaglia

      He Loves It !!! Thank you Klo Portfolios for creating such an awesome Christmas gift for my father. You guys were a pleasure doing business with and will be telling all my friends about you. Thanks Again

    • Michael Joëlle

      I’ve gotten SO many compliments on my portfolio. Every time I took it on an interview, people couldn’t stop talking about it! Love it!

    • Jacqueline Koong

      Thank you for the craftsmanship on my custom portfolio, it looks amazing!

    • Matt Hofmockel

      I needed a cover for my senior thesis communication design portfolio. Premade covers found in the store were generic and stale. I needed to make a statement that exemplified who I was as a designer. I had specific goals in mind and a unique set of parameters. I was also doing this for the first time. Tarlan at Klo Portfolios helped me understand what I needed to know, worked with me on special requests and stayed in touch throughout the process. Klo helped me meet my last minute deadline and the end result was amazing.

      I originally looked into Klo for inspiration and ended up having my cover produced with them because of the quality I saw and level of service I received. I would wholeheartedly endorse Klo to anyone looking for a unique and quality product made by someone who is there to help and truly cares for the product they produce.

      With any luck, Klo will be a factor in launching my design career. I get compliments on my cover by everyone who looks at it!”

    • Jeremy Zimmer

      I designed a custom portfolio as a Christmas gift for my partner and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out! Klo’s customer service is just as RAD as the portfolios they produce. The entire process was simple and Tarlan made sure everything was perfect. The portfolio is just as amazing as the pages inside!