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    • Screwpost Extenders - Included!
    • Embroidered Cloth Case - Included!

    Choose from the sizes provided or create a custom size by inputting your own width size. (Length sizes to choose from include 11, 14, and 17 inches)

    • 8.5" x 11" Landscape

    • 8.5" x 11" Portrait

    • 11" x 14" Landscape

    • 11" x 14" Portrait

    • 11" x 17" Landscape

    • 11" x 17" Portrait

    • 14" x 17" Landscape

    • 14" x 17" Portrait

    • Custom Size

    • Plain Portfolio

    Plain Size
    Custom Size

    Choose from the sizes provided or create a custom size by inputting your own width size. (Length sizes to choose from include 11, 14, and 17 inches)


    • Black (Glossy)

    • Crimson Red

    • Forest Green

    • Frosted Clear

    • Matte Black

    • Royal Blue

    • Snow White

    Acrylic Patterned

    • Blue Wavy Dreams

    • Concrete Acrylic

    • Galaxy

    • Geo Cubes

    • Indigo Dye

    • Marble Acrylic

    • Polygonal Poetry

    • Sea Foam

    • Tropical Heaven

    • Watercolor

    Aluminum Composite

    • Brushed Bronze

    • Brushed Gold

    • Brushed Silver


    • Amber Bamboo

    • Caramel Bamboo

    • Tiger Bamboo

    Stained Bamboo

    • Ebony Stained

    • Ivory Stained


    Plain portfolios do not include any treatments. If you'd like a customized portfolio, please go back and choose from the custom options.
    • Burnishing

    • Cut-Out

    • Engraved Color Fill

    • Engraved Pattern Fill

    • Engraving

    • UV Print & Cure

    Choose from our selection of templates and build your own online

    No thanks, I would like to download a design template and submit my own design file

    Place your EPS design file in the appropriate design template, making sure that your design is within the "safe area" and upload your work here.
    You can download design templates here:

    Upload Your Files

    For more info about how to prepare your files, you can view our design guide here.

    You can customize your portfolio case by having your logo or design engraved, cut-out, or as a vinyl decal. An engraving works best for intricate designs and fine lines and lends an embossed look. A cut-out has a dramatic appeal and showcases a peek of the first page of your portfolio. Our high quality vinyl decal will add an element of dimensionality to your portfolio case.

    Want to see examples? Visit our Gallery.

    Choose a template design from the options below, then proceed to customize by choosing fonts, colours, type justification and the content you want on your Klo product. Next, you can drag the content around the template until you reach your desired positioning.

    • Wedding Book One

    • Wedding Book Two

    • Wedding Book Three

    • Wedding Book Four

    • Wedding Book Five

    • Wedding Book Six

    Click & Drag any of the text below

    Your custom portfolio case can be created from three different types of material including Acrylic, Bamboo, or Aluminum composite. Check out our materials page to find our more information about each type of material.

    • Black Binding Upgrade

      Upgrade your custom portfolio book from stainless silver binding to black powder binding for only $11.32 USD!

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    • White Binding Upgrade

      Upgrade your custom portfolio book from stainless silver binding to white powder binding for only $11.32 USD!

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    • Embroidered Cloth Case - Included!

      Enjoy your complimentary embroidered cloth case with each portfolio purchase!

    • Screwpost Extenders - Included!

      Enjoy your complimentary screwpost extender with each portfolio purchase!

    • Rush My Order

      Need your custom portfolio rushed? Receive your order within 8 days of purchase and proof approval for $41.64 USD. Includes priority overnight delivery.

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    • Hinge Strips

      Hinge strips come in packs of 10 for $12.83 USD to properly display pages in your portfolio.

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    Printing Services

    Upload Your File

    Print your own pages or let us print them for you for $2.26 USD for a single sided print and $3.63 USD for a double sided print. Please upload your file for print as a single pdf with a 1/8″ bleed.



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  • Materials 11″ x 8.5″ 11″ x 14″ 11″ x 17″ 14″ x 17″
    Acrylic $155.22 USD $189.29 USD $204.44 USD $219.58 USD
    Bamboo $166.58 USD $200.65 USD $215.79 USD $230.94 USD
    Aluminum $162.79 USD $196.86 USD $212.01 USD $227.15 USD

    *Each portfolio book includes a cloth case, screwpost extenders, and a cleaning cloth.

  • - Custom sizes are $56.79 USD extra
    - Hinge strips are $12.83 USD a pack
    - Black & white powder binding upgrade is available for $11.32 USD
    - UV Print & Cure treatment is $37.1 USD if combined with engravings and cut-outs.
    - Plain portfolio books are $56.79 USD off prices listed.
    - Prints sold separately at $2.26 USD for a single sided and $3.63 USD for a double sided page on 80 lb or 100 lb matte or glossy paper.
    -Rush service for a 1 week turnaround is $41.64 USD