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    custom portfolio book


    Choosing the Perfect Material and Treatment for your Custom Portfolio Book

    We pride ourselves on having the highest quality and largest selection of materials for your custom portfolio book (25 and counting!) and we also know choosing the best one for you can be a daunting task. The good news is that it’s the fun part!

    You can choose just about any combination and permutation that suits your branding and design and we’ll bring your portfolio book to life.  What treatments work best with which materials?  How do you decide between a matte black acrylic or an ebony stained bamboo portfolio book?

    We’ve outlined some helpful tips below about our most popular material and treatment and combinations along with some examples to lend you some inspiration.

    klo photo

    Custom Acrylic Portfolios

    Our most popular material comes in glossy white, matte black, frosted clear, blue, green, and red.  Our concrete and marble portfolio books are also popular choices from our patterned collection.

    White Acrylic

    custom portfolio book for grpahic designers

    Our white acrylic custom graphic design portfolio with an engraved color fill treatment

     White acrylic allows the most flexibility in terms of the treatments you want to add.  Engravings, cut-outs, UV Prints, and engraved color fills all look smashing on this material!  Many of our customers opt for a combination of treatments of their screwpost portfolios such as an engraved color fill and a cut-out.

    Opt for the white acrylic if you:

    •  are including a metallic color fill
    •  have a multi-colored design you’d like UV Printed & Cured
    •  have a minimalist style and prefer a white on white engraved look
    Klo Portfolios- Matte Black ACrylic Portfolio Book

    Our matte black acrylic graphic design portfolio with an engraving treatment being assembled.

    Matte Black Acrylic

    Our matte black acrylic material has a shiny interior and a matte exterior so you get the best of both worlds.  It’s a breeze to clean and doesn’t show fingerprint marks as easily due to it’s matte surface.  This material is also extremely versatile since you can’t go wrong with black.  Our matte black acrylic portfolio books are a popular choice with graphic designers, photographers, and architects.

    Opt for the matte black acrylic if you:

    • are worried about fingerprints and surface scratches
    • are including a metallic or white color fill
    • want to achieve a black on black look with a UV Print & Cure or a simple engraving

    Frosted Clear Acrylic

    best personalized fashion design portfolio books

    Our frosted clear acrylic fashion design portfolio book with an engraved color fill treatment

    This material is semi transparent so you can see the first page of your portfolio book through it which allows you to create an interesting visual.  What sets the frosted clear apart from any other material is that it can be fully UV Printed & Cured with any design, pattern, or image which be seen throughout the material because of it’s transparency.

    fashion design portfolio book made custom by klo portfolios

    Our frosted clear material has been fully UV Printed to create a new material for a fashion design portfolio book!

    It’s like creating your very own patterned or colored portfolio book!  Our frosted clear acrylic portfolios are a popular choice for photographers, interior designers, and graphic designers.

    Opt for the frosted clear acrylic if you:

    • want to create your own colored or patterned material
    • prefer to have the first page of your portfolio showing through the semi-transparent cover
    • Have a gold, black, or white engraved color fill treatment

    Marble Acrylic

    personalized marble acrylic portfolio book

    Our personalized marble acrylic interior design portfolio book with an engraved color fill treatment

    One of our favorite portfolio book materials!  Our marble acrylic is exclusive to Klo Portfolios and made in house so you won’t find it anywhere else.  It’s got the light properties of acrylic with the beautiful marbled pattern of the stone and looks dashing with an engraving, cut-out, or engraved color fill.  Our custom marble acrylic portfolios are popular with fashion designers, photographers, and interior designers.

    Opt for the marble acrylic if you :

    • love the look of marble stone
    • are opting for an engraving, cut-out, or engraved color fill in a metallic tone or a bright color
    • want to standout with a material choice that is unique and limited

    Another popular choice is our bamboo portfolio books which come in 5 options including amber bamboo, caramel bamboo, tiger bamboo, and hand-stained ebony and ivory options.  Let’s explore these options!

    Caramel and Amber Bamboo

    Custom engraved caramel bamboo portfolio book

    Our caramel bamboo portfolio book with a full cover engraving treatment.

    Our caramel and amber bamboo portfolio books look great coupled with an engraving or cut-out treatment or a combination of the two.  If you prefer a more subtle and natural material, this one’s for you.  Popular with food photographers, interior designers, and eco-friendly brands, you can’t go wrong with one of these earthy materials.

    Custom Student Bamboo Portfolio Book Display

    Our amber bamboo custom interior design portfolio with an engraving treatment

    Tiger Bamboo

    custom tattoo portfolio book in tiger bamboo

    Our tiger bamboo material used for a custom tattoo portfolio book

    The most dense and heaviest of them all!  Our tiger bamboo is a beautifully striped material that carries its weight in gold.   Because of its condensed grain, this material can’t be cut-out so keep this in mind if this treatment is a part of your design.  We recommend an engraving, engraved color fill, or a UV Print & Cure with this material.

    Opt for the Tiger bamboo if you:

    • prefer a heavier material
    • like pronounced wood grains in a 2 toned combination
    • have an organic or eco-friendly design or business

    Hand-Stained Ivory and Ebony Stained Bamboo

    Custom screwpost portfolios by Klo Portfolios

    Our ivory stained bamboo portfolio with a vivid UV Print & Cure treatment

    Hand-stained in our studio with either an ebony or ivory stain, the final result of these bamboo portfolio books is stunning.  whether you opt for an engraving which reveals the natural color of the bamboo or you go with a vibrant color fill, the final result is an exquisite portfolio book that will turn a head or two.

    Klo ebony stained and color filled portfolio book by Klo Portfolios

    Our hand-stained ebony bamboo portfolio book with an engraved color fill treatment

    Opt for our bamboo material if you:

    • have an earthier or eco-friendly design aesthetic or business
    • prefer the look and feel of wood but want a black or white backdrop to the customization of your portfolio book
    • have a lot of cut-outs on your portfolio book.  Because our bamboo material is much more dense, it”ll work better with more fragile cut-outs.

    Brushed Aluminum Portfolios

    Custom brushed aluminum portfolio by Klo Portfolios

    Our brushed silver aluminum portfolio with an engraving treatment

    The lightest material of the bunch, our brushed aluminum custom portfolio books offer a modern and polished look.  Because we use different machinery to make and customize these portfolio books, they have more limitations when it comes to engraving and cut-outs.   If you have super fine lines and smaller cut-outs, we recommend opting for our acrylic portfolios instead.  The brushed aluminum works great with full color UV prints or larger engravings and cut-outs.

    The black polyethylene core of the material is revealed once it’s engraved, giving it a tactile touch since you have feel with your fingers the raised areas that now make up your design.

    Our silver burnishing  adds an extremely elegant touch to a brushed silver aluminum with a “silver on silver” look.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can opt for a silver burnishing on our brushed gold or aluminum portfolio books which has its own charm and uniqueness.   Our engraving, burnishing, and UV print treatments on the brushed aluminum portfolios is another  Klo Portfolios signature look.

    Opt for our brushed aluminum material if you:

    • prefer a lighter material
    • have larger engravings and cut-outs for your design
    • would like to integrate color with a UV Print & Cure treatment

    We hope this helps you create the perfect presentation book!  You can see a lot more examples of custom portfolio books and as always, give us a shout if you have any questions.  We’re always happy to help.




    Client Spotlight: Photographer Shekinah Shazaam

    Shekinah Shazaam is a stellar photographer who has an eye for layout and the perfect candid shot. Not only is she a photographer supreme, she adds a twist to her work through the use of unique costumes and color schemes. We love how she experiments with different materials and color palettes to create a photo you can’t take your eyes off of.

    Shekinah’s photography caught our attention when she ordered a custom portfolio book from us, we had to ask her more about herself and her work.

    Custom Marble Screwpost Binder Photography

    custom marble acrylic photography portfolio book

    How did you get into photography?

    I actually studied design in college (it was a more viable field than fine art.) One of our required classes was photography, so in that I was able to learn more and found that being able to take my own photos for projects was really helpful.

    I used my camera more for vlogs when I first started, but a few years ago, I began shooting more avant-garde style portraits and I fell in love. There is something so fulfilling about communicating an idea through image alone, that I can’t imagine not doing it now.

    Photography Portfolio Portrait

    Portrait Photography Portfolio

    What tips do you have for other photographers?

    A few tips I have for other photographers or designers would be to be persistent, avoid doing work you don’t love, & always be open to learn.  During a portfolio review years ago, a couple mentors told me to continue doing my conceptual shoots.

    Even though my particular location doesn’t have a high demand for these, they are what I love the most, and that passion is really seen by others.   Sometimes you have to compromise by taking work you aren’t 100% set on to pay the bills, but never lose your true vision or sell out to be something you aren’t.

    Photography Portrait Portfolio

    What tools or avenues do you use to promote yourself?

    In terms of marketing myself, I’ve found that consistently blogging and posting to social media has been quite helpful. People see you constantly in their feed and they will remember you as a photographer in the future (which will lead to referrals).  Collaborating with other creatives has also been great.  Not only can you gain inspiration from them, you can also use this as a networking opportunity to further grow your business.

    Shekinah Shazaam Photography Portrait

    We love hearing the stories that make up the contents of our customer’s portfolio books.  Often years of hard work are made tangible and shared with others and we couldn’t be any happier to be apart of it.

    Create your own custom photography portfolio book and start your journey!



    Client Spotlight: Illustrator and Designer Chris Nurse

    Chris Nurse Illustrator and Graphic Designer

    You can’t help but feel immersed in Chris Nurse’s vibrant and distinctive style.  Sometimes bold and bright, other times muted and realistic with a dash of humor, Chris evokes strong emotions from those who come across his art.  Currently pursuing his Masters in Design, Chris’ early career includes teaching Arts and Crafts to inner City youth and freelancing various projects from logo design to album artwork.

    He caught our attention when he came to us for the build of his custom portfolio book and naturally we wanted to know how he gained his eclectic style.

    Chris Nurse Artwork


    Flower Drawing Portfolio Illustration

    Portfolios Customer Feature Illustration Graphic Design

    How did you get into illustration and graphic design?

    I’ve been into illustrations and designing as far back as I can remember. My dad’s job involved sketching for building layouts and at home he would always do these cool little cartoon doodles to make me laugh so I started doodling on my own and kept at it getting better with more practice.  I started enjoying the process of creating a unique piece from scratch.

    Boxer Illstration Black and White Portfolio

    black and white drawing illutration portfolio

    What is your favorite piece of work you’ve done?

    I’m a huge Tarantino fan so when a client wanted a Pulp Fiction movie scene illustrated I automatically knew it would be my fave.

    Pulp Fiction Illustration Drawing

    Whose inspiring you as an artist right now?

    Right now I’m currently doing studies on Caravaggio from the baroque period and his work has me extremely obsessed with shadow, lighting and human anatomy. I’m probably going to be drawing naked people for the next couple months.

    Pencil Crayon Drawing Art Illustration Portfolio

    We love hearing the stories that make up the contents of our customer’s portfolio books.  Often years of hard work are made tangible and shared with others and we couldn’t be any happier to be apart of it.

    Create your own custom portfolio book and start your creative journey!


    New! Customizable Patterned Acrylic Portfolio Book Collection

    We’ve been tinkering and perfecting eight new patterns to add to our patterned acrylic portfolio book collection and we’re thrilled to release them!

    Another exclusive to Klo Portfolios, this collection is for the distinguished and the brave.   We’ve included a 3D triangle design, galaxy galore, boho indigo dye, tropical leaves, turquoise sea foam, soothing water colour, waves, and cube line art.

    Custom Patterned Presentation Binders

    The patterns are printed on the exterior of the front and back cover of our snow white acrylic portfolio books.  The inside covers will be snow white acrylic finish to perfectly contrast the full graphic exterior and customization.

    Each patterned portfolio can be customized with an engraving, engraved color full, cut-out or UV Print & Cure.  Hot Tip: We recommend keeping your design subtle since the patterns are all detailed and intricate and will already add a lot of wow factor to your custom presentation book.  The possibilities are endless!

    3D Triangles

    Custom Triangle Pattern Artist Portfolio

    These royal blue triangles are meant to look as if they are popping off the cover. This portfolio makes for a definite attention grabber!

    Galaxy Galore

    Custom Galaxy Patterned Portfolio book

    This portfolio is definitely out of this world. We especially love how the stars look like they’re twinkling when you tilt the book back and forth.

    Boho Indigo Dye

    Indigo Dye Customizable Pattern Screw Post Portfolio Book

    Inspired by all the unique tie dye patterns out there, this portfolio mimics the bulls eye indigo dye technique. The pattern also has a subtle canvas texture which adds contrast to your portfolio.

    Tropical Leaves

    Tropical Leaves Custom Screw Post Binding Portfolio

    Why not let your portfolio remind you of tanning on a tropical beach in the sun? This portfolio does just that!

    Cube Line Art

    Cube Pattern Custom Presentation Book

    So simple, yet so intriguing. This design features lines which creates a 3D cube effect. Perfect for an architecture or interior design portfolio.

    Soothing Water Color

    Water Colour Pattern Screw Post Portfolio Book

    We love how the blue, pink, and white all blend together in this water color masterpiece. The colors and effect all make for a very peaceful cover to look at and will work great with a simple name or logo engraving or engraved color fill.


    patterned artist portfolio book

    We could look at these wavy blobs all day! The line work causes your eye to move all around the design. With this portfolio you an also opt to change the blue to any color you’d like.

    Turquoise Sea Foam

    Custom Sea Foam Patterned Portfolio Binder

    Another portfolio pattern that makes us think of relaxing on a beach somewhere warm. This turquoise sea foam portfolio book is perfect for customizing your name or logo on to make it a truly unique piece.  Want to start building your own custom portfolio?  Visit our Build Your Own where you can select your size, material, and treatment along with any add-ons.

    Is there a pattern you’d like us to add to our custom portfolio book collection? Let us know!  We love hearing your ideas and are happy to accommodate.


    A Step by Step Guide to Adding Pages to Your Custom Portfolio Book Using Hinge Strips

    We get asked all the time, how do I add pages to my custom screwpost portfolio book?  We’ve talked about the different methods of inserting pages in another post although we’re going to get up close and personal with our favorite method, hinge strips. You can purchase these along with your custom portfolio and prints in the add-ons section when you build your own custom portfolio.

    Hinge strips are clear strips with an adhesive edge which once applied to your page, allow you to easily add your prints to your portfolio book without worrying about creating an extra gutter on your prints and punching holes.   You can also use sheet protectors to add your pages although we’re going to focus on the hinge strip method for this post.

    Follow along as we show you a step by step guide on how to first add hinge stripsto your pages, add the pages to your screwpost portfolio book, and what it all looks like when it’s done.

    Side note:  This custom portfolio book includes a UV Print & Cure treatment on the inside covers which is available for an additional $50.

    What you’ll need:

    • Your portfolio book
    • Hinge strips
    • A cutting mat
    • Your prints

    1.  Peel the white area off of the hinge strip to reveal the adhesive

    How to use hinge strips klo portfolios


     2.  Use the cutting mat to line up your hinge strip and ensure your page are applied straight.



    3.  Apply your print to your hinge strip starting from the top left corner and slowly move down until your entire page is on the hinge strip.  We recommend applying the hinge strip to the back of your printed page.

    Take your time with this step and ensure your pages are adhered to the hinge strip in a straight manner.  Once the hinge strips makes contact with your page, you won’t be able to take it off since it bonds quickly.

    adding hinge strips to your pages for your portfolio book

    4.  Voila!  This is what your page will look like once your hinge strip is adhered on to it.

    hinge strips on pages example by klo portfolios

    5.  Time to add your pages to your custom Klo Portfolio book!  Gently unscrew the right side of the screwpost on the inside, leaving the left part of the left part of the screw or the post intact within the hinge.

    Don’t use any tools as the screwposts may get stuck if handled with a screwdriver or too much pressure.

    how to put pages in to your screwpost portfolio book


    6.  The front and back cover of your screwpost portfolio book are now apart and the hinge of your left cover has been pressed down so it’s lying flat with the post exposed.  Add your pages on top by lining them up with the screwposts.

    how to add pages to your screwpost portfolio book using hinge strips


    7.  Continue until all of your sexy prints have been added!

    adding pages to a screwpost portfolio book by klo portfolios


    8.  Take the back cover and place its hinge on top of the posts from the front cover of your portfolio book.  If you have a lot of pages, apply some pressure to create space between the tip of the post and the surface of the hinge so you can easily insert your screw in to the post.

    adding pages to your screwpost portfolio book by klo portfolios


    9.  You’re almost there!  Tighten the screw in to the post and you’re done!


    This is what your pages will look like once everything has been added to your screwpost portfolio book.


    Because most of the hinge strip is hidden within the binding of your book, it’s a clean and subtle addition to your pages and won’t be intrusive to the eye which is why we love hinge strips.


    Bam!  Now you’re ready to rock and roll and crush your portfolio show, interview, or that client you’ve been after.
























    New Custom Marble Acrylic Portfolio Books!

    Drum roll…..! We’re thrilled to release our latest exclusive treatment for your most awesome custom Klo Portfolio book.

    The newest edition to the Klo treatment family is our Marble UV Print & Cure which mimics the beautiful swirls and appearance of marble itself while avoiding the pitfalls of the actual marble stone such as its weight and price.

    The Marble UV Print & Cure is exclusive to Klo Portfolios and is created in house by our Portfolio Artisans. The marble pattern is UV printed and cured for a seamless look on the front, back and inside covers of your custom portfolio book, creating an overall cohesive appearance.


    Marble portfolio book by Klo Portfolios- Acrylic Material

    Marble is known for its prestige, refined taste and grand aesthetics. The word marble itself comes from the Greek word ‘marmaros’ which is defined as ‘shining stone.’ Marble ranges over various cultures, backgrounds and timelines. Italian sculptures preferred marble for its durability and translucency to create stunning masterpieces of art. The Taj Mahal’s commissioner, Shah Jahan, chose marble for its refined elegance as a token of love to his wife Mumtaz Mahal and created one of the seven wonders of the world. Safe to say, you are in great company!

    Today, marble is being revived as a classic and historically significant stone and can be seen heavily in modern architecture and interior design trends.  As with all our other screwpost portfolio treatments, you can engrave, color fill, cutout and UV Print on top of your marble portfolio!

    Engraving on your custom marble portfolio book allows you to etch or carve your design into the material itself, while a color fill can allow for your engraved design to stand out with your choice of any CMYK color.

    A cut out treatment can create a peak through preview for your work underneath, and is the ultimate custom treatment. Last but not least, the UV Print & Cure treatment can be utilized for any CMYK image or vector that allows you to represent a range of colors. Check out our blog on how to represent treatments in your design template.

    marble portfolio book by klo portfolios

    Of course, you can always combine various treatment together to achieve your perfect look. The options are endless. Let your imagination soar for your designs and let us create for you a marble masterpiece to tote your work. Check out our gallery to see our various treatment examples on custom screwpost portfolios to get your gears in motion.



    4 Things to Consider When Designing Your Custom Portfolio Book

    Hello all! Name’s Tom, and I’m the resident portfolio artisan here at Klo Portfolios.  If you place an order with us, chances are your final product will pass through my hands and soon be assembled to choice perfection!  Having had the special privilege of personally overseeing countless hundreds of precious, unique portfolios from start to finish, I thought I’d take some time to impart to you all some of the insight I’ve gained.

    We strive for nothing short of excellence – supreme-quality custom portfolios are our highest concern. That said, the final design and choices of materials, treatments, etc ultimately boil down you.

    This means that sometimes, some designs turn out softer, or subtler, than the rest of the competition. And likewise, there are always a few custom portfolios that burst forward ahead of the pack.  Still reading, and keen to make your portfolio one of those leading the forefront? Good, then read on and direct your eyes to the tips I’ve listed below.

    Color Relationships

    One of the biggest shortcomings to a great design that we see are a diminished presence of colors on a portfolio surface. It may seem tempting to go for soft values and rock that au natural look, but trust me when I say that a strong portfolio is one that packs a visual punch.

    Contrasting or strong colors are vital here. Strong choices are gold, white, red, color fills on black – whereas a soft and diminished choice would be striving for a dark grey on black, or perhaps a light brown on a darker brown bamboo surface.

    Custom ebony stained bamboo portfolio book with engraved color fill by Klo PortfoliosCustom screwpost graphic design portfolio book in tiger bamboo by Klo PortfoliosSquare portfolio book custom made by Klo Portfolios

    Remember, the eyes sifting over your cover have likely already passed over many others in a rather short duration of time, so do your best to aim for something that pops!


    Much like color, the sizing of your name and/or image is a an equally important detail to consider when it comes to your portfolio’s first impression. You never know how far across a room a potential client or future employer may be when their eyes pass over your custom piece, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of the full dimensions your chosen surface naturally provides!

    Full-cover patterns or large images often stand out best in a crowd, as they maintain clear readability across a large breadth of distance.

    Graphic design full pattern portfolio book made by Klo Portfolios Custom fashion design portfolio book by Klo Portfolios Bamboo portfolio books by Klo Portfolios


    Many portfolios shy away from images, opting instead to simply provide the owner’s name. There is of course a very good reason for this – choosing the perfect picture to convey a portfolio’s contents can be a quite the domineering and exhausting task, especially if there is a chance of the inner content being changed over the years!

    And yet, if you are willing to invest the time to find that right image, I can tell you right now that your portfolio is going to convey a meaning many times deeper and more provocative to your general audience.

    Custom-portfolio-book-by-klo-portfolios-with-UV-Print-treatment large17121793179_22e36da872_zCustom illustration portfolio book by Klo Portfolios


    This last tip pertains to the general quality one can expect to achieve when they really take the time to sift over the details in their portfolio cover design.  At the end of the day, your custom portfolio book is going to be with you for many, many years, and as such it definitely deserves your full consideration before placing an order.

    We’ve seen many portfolio orders come through here that and nice, clean, and simple but that also lack that clear punch because they were designed towards the tail end of a deadline.

    Oftentimes a good design means going back to the drawing board a couple of times, so offer yourself the time for revisions instead of rushing to the finish line, and it’ll shine through the rest of the competition without fail.

    There you have it! With these guidelines now in your quiver alongside your creative vision, you’re already well on your way to a genius masterpiece of a custom portfolio. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to throw us an inquiry! We’re always happy to help you see your piece to perfection it deserves.

    Happy Creating!


    Portfolio Artisan


    New! Full Color UV Print Treatment for your Custom Portfolio Book!

    We’re thrilled to announce the offering of our new UV Print Treatment exclusive to Klo Portfolios which allows you to virtually print any graphic, photo, or illustration directly on to your custom portfolio book.  Some call it magic, we call it pure awesomeness!

    Perfectly tailor your aesthetic and branding with dramatic full color effects like you’ve never seen before and have it color matched to boot.  Further enhance your design by adding gloss or matte finishes for unique embossing and varnishing effects.  This treatment will stand the test of time since it cures instantly and adheres to any of our acrylic, bamboo, or brushed aluminum materials.  Create stunning full cover graphics and leave a lasting impression on your viewer.


    Custom screwpost portfolio book with UV Print treatment Klo Portfolios

    Custom bamboo portfolio book with engraved uv print treatmentCustom interior design portfolio book with uv print by kloportfolios

    Custom screwpost portfolio book with UV print by Klo portfolios

    What’s so great about UV Printing?  Unlike conventional printing methods, UV printing uses energy efficient UV-LED lamps that generate low level of heat so you can feel good about the environmentally friendly methods of production.

    As always, your custom portfolio is created in-house in the trusted hands of our portfolio artisans and design team that will ensure you receive exactly what you ordered, every time.

    We’re working on exciting combinations such as an engraved UV print treatment where the area is first engraved and a graphic or pattern is applied in the engraved area.

    Got a question or want to say hello?  Give us a shout via email or phone and we’ll get you some answers :-)

    Happy creating!





    NEW! Ebony Stained Bamboo Porfolio Books

    Earlier this year we introduced our Ebony Stain bamboo portfolio books which are hand-stained in house and reveal the bamboo’s natural color when engraved. This creates a beautiful contrast between the ebony stain and the artwork that we engrave on to your custom portfolio.

    Custom photography portfolio book in ebony stained bamboo by klo portfolios

    Custom fashion design portfolio book in ebony stain bamboo with engraving Custom interior design portfolio book with ebony stain bamboo klo portfoliosBoth pieces of bamboo that make up your custom portfolio are cut, sanded, and meticulously stained to perfection.  Our bamboo screwpost portfolios are always made of 1/4″ thick real bamboo.  We don’t mess around with cheap veneers like the other guys.

    Add an engraved color fill for an additional tactile layer that will leave anyone viewing your custom portfolio impressed.  We have metallic gold, silver, and copper color fills available along with other colors if you’re looking to add a little something special to your bamboo portfolio.

    Custom graphic design portfolio book- ebony stained bamboo klo portfolios Ebony stain presentation portfolio by Klo Portfolios

    Got a question or idea you’d like to run by us?  Feel free to contact us and we’ll get to the bottom of it :-)

    As always, happy creating!



    10 Great Custom Bamboo Portfolio Book Examples

    Whether you need a custom portfolio book for graduation or for landing your dream job or client, we’ve got some rad custom portfolio book examples below to draw inspiration from.

    Our custom bamboo portfolios are cut, treated, hand assembled an varnished from a thick slab of bamboo, bound to make a great impression on your viewer.   Each custom portfolio book passes a dozen hands before it gets to you and is built with steel binding and hardware, all manufactured in Canada.  We don’t mess around with crappy aluminum binding :-)

    Our bamboo portfolios are sanded to perfection and finished with an eco-friendly varnish fit for a king… and queen!

    Combine any one of our treatments including cut-outs, engraving, engraved color fills, metallic foils or vinyl decals for a truly unique portfolio book design.

    Get a hold of us if you want to chat about your project or if you want to see more portfolio book examples.  You’re in good hands.

    Happy Creating,


    Custom Bamboo Portfolio Book Examples

    11 x 14 Custom graphic design bamboo portfolio book with engraving and cut-out treatment

    11 x 14 custom graphic design portfolio book in caramel bamboo with engraving and cut-out treatment

    Square photography portfolio book

    Custom square portfolio book with engraving treatment on amber bamboo.

    11 x 17 graphic design portfolio book

    Custom graphic design portfolio book in caramel bamboo with engraving and cut-out treatment

    11 x 17 custom portfolio book

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with vinyl decal treatment on amber bamboo

    portfoli book design inspiration

    portfolio book inspiration

    11 x 14 tattoo portfolio book in caramel bamboo with engraving and cut-out treatment

    11 x 14 portfolio book example

    11 x 14 custom portfolio book in amber bamboo with vinyl decal treatment

    11 x 17 custom portfolio book for photography

    11 x 17 custom photography portfolio book with engraving treatment

    14 x 17 custom photography portfoli book example

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with cut-out treatment on caramel bamboo

    Portfolio book example

    Custom 14 x 17 portfolio book in caramel bamboo with engraving treatment




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