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    Hinge strips


    A Step by Step Guide to Adding Pages to Your Custom Portfolio Book Using Hinge Strips

    We get asked all the time, how do I add pages to my custom screwpost portfolio book?  We’ve talked about the different methods of inserting pages in another post although we’re going to get up close and personal with our favorite method, hinge strips. You can purchase these along with your custom portfolio and prints in the add-ons section when you build your own custom portfolio.

    Hinge strips are clear strips with an adhesive edge which once applied to your page, allow you to easily add your prints to your portfolio book without worrying about creating an extra gutter on your prints and punching holes.   You can also use sheet protectors to add your pages although we’re going to focus on the hinge strip method for this post.

    Follow along as we show you a step by step guide on how to first add hinge stripsto your pages, add the pages to your screwpost portfolio book, and what it all looks like when it’s done.

    Side note:  This custom portfolio book includes a UV Print & Cure treatment on the inside covers which is available for an additional $50.

    What you’ll need:

    • Your portfolio book
    • Hinge strips
    • A cutting mat
    • Your prints

    1.  Peel the white area off of the hinge strip to reveal the adhesive

    How to use hinge strips klo portfolios


     2.  Use the cutting mat to line up your hinge strip and ensure your page are applied straight.



    3.  Apply your print to your hinge strip starting from the top left corner and slowly move down until your entire page is on the hinge strip.  We recommend applying the hinge strip to the back of your printed page.

    Take your time with this step and ensure your pages are adhered to the hinge strip in a straight manner.  Once the hinge strips makes contact with your page, you won’t be able to take it off since it bonds quickly.

    adding hinge strips to your pages for your portfolio book

    4.  Voila!  This is what your page will look like once your hinge strip is adhered on to it.

    hinge strips on pages example by klo portfolios

    5.  Time to add your pages to your custom Klo Portfolio book!  Gently unscrew the right side of the screwpost on the inside, leaving the left part of the left part of the screw or the post intact within the hinge.

    Don’t use any tools as the screwposts may get stuck if handled with a screwdriver or too much pressure.

    how to put pages in to your screwpost portfolio book


    6.  The front and back cover of your screwpost portfolio book are now apart and the hinge of your left cover has been pressed down so it’s lying flat with the post exposed.  Add your pages on top by lining them up with the screwposts.

    how to add pages to your screwpost portfolio book using hinge strips


    7.  Continue until all of your sexy prints have been added!

    adding pages to a screwpost portfolio book by klo portfolios


    8.  Take the back cover and place its hinge on top of the posts from the front cover of your portfolio book.  If you have a lot of pages, apply some pressure to create space between the tip of the post and the surface of the hinge so you can easily insert your screw in to the post.

    adding pages to your screwpost portfolio book by klo portfolios


    9.  You’re almost there!  Tighten the screw in to the post and you’re done!


    This is what your pages will look like once everything has been added to your screwpost portfolio book.


    Because most of the hinge strip is hidden within the binding of your book, it’s a clean and subtle addition to your pages and won’t be intrusive to the eye which is why we love hinge strips.


    Bam!  Now you’re ready to rock and roll and crush your portfolio show, interview, or that client you’ve been after.
























    How to Properly Insert Pages into Your Screwpost Portfolio Book

    We often get asked “How do I insert pages in to a screwpost portfolio book?” There are a few ways which we’ll discuss below and the pros and cons of each.

    Hinge Strips

    Hinge strips are made from a clear-flexi material and attach to the left hand side of your work and have holes that align with the holes of the binding. Your pages will bend properly and lie flat and you won’t need to worry about creating margins or a gutter for your printed pages.

    We’ve created a step-by-step guide (with lots of photos!) on how to easily add hinge strips to your pages for your custom portfolio book.

    Klo-Custom-portfolio-books-and-printing-services-1024x1024hinge strips

    PRO: Because this portion is clear, it’s not intrusive on your work and will flow nicely with your artwork. It looks very professional and streamlines your pages. They’re very easy to attach and look great.

    CON: The adhesive portion of the hinge strip attaches to your page and is is not reusable at a later time on a different page although additional strips are reasonably priced.

    We do sell them for $16.95 CAD ($13.35 USD) for a pack of 10 so you purchase these if you need any when you build your own custom portfolio book.

    Sheet Protectors

    If you plan on switching the content of your screwpost portfolio book often, this may be the best option for you.


    PRO: Sheet protectors allow you to easily slip your pages in to them and have a perforated area as well as holes that line up with the holes on the binding of your portfolio book. They’ll keep your pages from fingerprint marks and other dirt blemishes that can appear after handling.

    CON: Because it’s essentially a plastic cover over your pages, it may cause glare over your work and feel less natural for the viewer since they’re not able to directly feel the weight and texture of the paper you’ve used. Sometimes it can be related to “scrapbook” qualities which are not as professional as other options.

    We don’t sell sheet protectors but you can buy them at your local art store or online at sites like Amazon.com

    Scored and Hole Punched Printed Pages

    A third option is to have your pages scored and hole punched by your printer when sending them to press. You’ll want to make sure you leave a 1″ margin on the left hand side of your prints to allow for the area that will go in to the binding of your screwpost portfolio.

    PRO: Your pages will appear uniform and well structured with the perforation and aligned hole spacing.

    CON: Not all printers offer this service and if they do, it may be more costly than using hinge strips or sheet protectors. In addition, this option will work best with heavier weight paper or cardstock since perforation can wear on thinner paper and tear.

    Still have questions about properly inserting your work in to your screwpost portfolio book? Feel free to shoot us an email at info@kloportfolios.com or call us toll free 1 855 279 0558.

    Check out the Klo Portfolios Flickr page for inspiration for your own custom portfolio book.

    Happy Creating :-)




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