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    Client Spotlight: Product and Portrait Photographer Manuel Flores

    Manuel Flores lives for capturing beautiful moments when his subjects least expect it.  Most of his portrait photography takes place on location with natural lighting because mother nature comes equipped with the best flash.  He’s highly trained in studio work too and this is where the shoots product photography for his clients.


    His radiant and artful style caught our eye when Manuel came to us for the build of his custom portfolio book and we were curious to find out more.

    How did your passion for photography come about?

    For the most part, I’ve always been attached to a camera, back then when it was Polaroids and disposable cameras, you would always find one in my hand.  I love being able to capture a moment and having that forever in a form of a picture.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 4.42.32 PM

    Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 4.43.09 PM

    I think it’s so special to be able to look back at pictures and relive all those awesome moments you capture with a camera.  I remember the day I wanted to become a photographer, me and my younger sister would never miss an episode of America’s Next Top Model, on this show I was always mesmerized with the photographer Nigel Barker, I loved everything he would do when it came to putting together photo shoots and the way he made magic with his camera.  To this day I would say he is the reason for my passion for photography.


    Whose inspiring you as an artist right now?

    Nigel Barker will always be my inspiration. I’ve also been obsessed with Kyle Murphy.  His work is so amazing and I look up to him in so many ways.  My dream is to take a road trip with him and learn everything he has to offer and create some amazing art together.  I also get very inspired by my close photographer friends, I’m always amazed by them and their work, seeing them work hard and produce cool projects, makes me work harder and push myself to become better.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 4.28.40 PM


    Has having a physical portfolio book to showcase your work helped you?

    Yes!  Social media and online portfolios are huge now and days, but I also believe in a physical portfolio book, I think people rely on touching, holding, flipping through pages.  When you have a physical book, the client connects with you the artist/photographer.

    Photography Custom Portfolio Book by Klo Portfolios

    Klo Portfolios Screwpost presenetation book for photographers

    I think having a physical portfolio book is way better than just having a URL.  For me, it was also a closing chapter in my life.   My first portfolio means something special to me and  having a physical body of work that shows all my hard work, sleepless nights, and stressful days of school means that I did it, and I kicked butt!

    Now I have something physical to show employers, and other artist which I’m so proud of.  I want to thank Klo Portfolios for helping me create something that represents me in every way, my portfolio is something I’m very proud of and I could not have done it without you guys at Klo thank you for making it happen for me.

    Ready to showcase your photography work in a beautifully hand crafted and custom made portfolio book?  Build your own screwpost portfolio book with us!


    Five Places to Boost Your Creativity Other than Pinterest

    Have you ever found yourself spending hours looking through Pinterest only to come across images that you’ve already seen?  While Pinterest is a great site and a definite go-to, we have a few more favorites we’d love to share.

    It helps to utilize multiple resources when brainstorming for a design project or when putting together your custom portfolio book.  Here are a few of the sites we love.



    The first site we suggest is booooooom.com.  Taken from the words of the of founder Jeff Hamada, “I like handmade things, anything imperfect, where the artist’s hand is apparent.” Booooooom has many unique artists displayed and shows you how they put their own personality into their work. The designs on Booooooom are all up to date and timely which is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing.


    design inspiration site suggestions by klo portfolios

    Next site we recommend is designspiration.net.  Similar to Pinterest, Designspiration is a continuous scroll site with rows of images, although everything is design related.  Rather than being distracted by recipes and cute outfits, you’ll be solely focused on design. Designspiration also allows you to create “collections” that you can add to when you see something you like.


    design inspiration site suggestions by klo portfolios

    With an intriguing site layout, notcot.org is another great site with creative ideas.  Notcot displays a collection of the most recent and fresh designs.   This is a helpful tool to see what is happening in design right now and how you can make your designs current. Another perk of Notcot is that you can submit your own posts and hopefully have your designs seen by many.


    design site inspirations by klo portfolios

    As one of the more commonly known sites, thedieline.com is a great source for what is new and current in the design industry. Thedieline allows you to select and scroll through specific categories of design. The site also allows you to submit your own work and man, could you image how awesome it’d be getting featured on this site?!

    Leave Your Desk!

    klo portfolios go outside

    Our last but not least bit of advice for you to gain inspiration is to leave your desk! Get off the internet and go check out design in stores, coffee shops, and restaurants.

    Go touch, feel, and see what designs look like in the real world.  It’s much easier to appreciate a design when it’s tangible and you can interact with it, especially if you’re working on packaging.   Plus, it’ll give you a nice break from sitting in front of the computer.


    5 Tips to Help You Survive the Last 2 Weeks of Design School


    Hello fellow designers and soon to be design grads!  My name’s Heather and I’m the Graphic Designer and Proofer at Klo Portfolios. As proofer I help you modify and tweak your custom portfolio design until it’s perfect.  As graphic designer I have the pleasure to use my creativity to design many projects for Klo from packaging to display walls.

    Being a recent graduate I have many fresh design ideas that I’m excited to put to use! I attended The Art Institute of Vancouver and graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design.  It’s a 2 year intensive program so believe me, I understand the stress of having piles of work to do and not enough time to do it.  I’d like to share with you 5 useful tips that helped me survive the last 2 weeks of school.

    Use an Agenda

    If any of you are like me, you tend to build up many lists of what you need to do and forget where you put them.  This is where agendas can be SO handy.  Keep all your lists and to-dos in one place and you’ll instantly feel so much more relaxed when you can read what you need to do on what day.

    Focus on one thing at a Time

    This tip ties in with using an agenda.  If you can see what is due when and what days you have to work on what you can focus on one project or exam at a time. Rather than thinking about all the studying and work you have, try to zone in on what is due first and give that your full attention which will result in the best outcome for each project.

    Custom portfolio books for design grads

    Take breaks

    You may be thinking “But I don’t have time!”, which is how I always felt too.  Spending 5 hours on the same thing won’t help you, trust me. It’s important to let your brain relax and eat some food or just do nothing in between school work.  Not taking breaks will cause frustration and more stress.  You’ll find that after a break you feel refreshed and have more of a positive feeling about studying and projects.


    Again you’re probably thinking, “But I don’t have time!” and similar to taking breaks, sleep is essential to refresh your brain.  You might think you can study the night away, but if your physically exhausted your brain won’t be able to register as much information.

    Lastly, as cheesy as it sounds, believe in yourself!

    This isn’t your first time going through the stress of school.  If you’ve done it before you can do it again.  You’ll want to curl up into a ball and cry at the time but remember that in two weeks you will have killed your exams and projects, and reached a huge milestone of graduating design school.


    New! Full Color UV Print Treatment for your Custom Portfolio Book!

    We’re thrilled to announce the offering of our new UV Print Treatment exclusive to Klo Portfolios which allows you to virtually print any graphic, photo, or illustration directly on to your custom portfolio book.  Some call it magic, we call it pure awesomeness!

    Perfectly tailor your aesthetic and branding with dramatic full color effects like you’ve never seen before and have it color matched to boot.  Further enhance your design by adding gloss or matte finishes for unique embossing and varnishing effects.  This treatment will stand the test of time since it cures instantly and adheres to any of our acrylic, bamboo, or brushed aluminum materials.  Create stunning full cover graphics and leave a lasting impression on your viewer.


    Custom screwpost portfolio book with UV Print treatment Klo Portfolios

    Custom bamboo portfolio book with engraved uv print treatmentCustom interior design portfolio book with uv print by kloportfolios

    Custom screwpost portfolio book with UV print by Klo portfolios

    What’s so great about UV Printing?  Unlike conventional printing methods, UV printing uses energy efficient UV-LED lamps that generate low level of heat so you can feel good about the environmentally friendly methods of production.

    As always, your custom portfolio is created in-house in the trusted hands of our portfolio artisans and design team that will ensure you receive exactly what you ordered, every time.

    We’re working on exciting combinations such as an engraved UV print treatment where the area is first engraved and a graphic or pattern is applied in the engraved area.

    Got a question or want to say hello?  Give us a shout via email or phone and we’ll get you some answers :-)

    Happy creating!





    New! White Binding Available for all Custom Portfolio Books

    We’re excited to offer our new white powder binding alongside our black powder and original silver stainless still custom binding exclusively created for Klo Portfolios.  We opted for stainless steel over aluminum binding since it’s stronger, more resilient, and won’t falter with use of your portfolio book over time.

    Upgrade your custom portfolio to a white powder binding for $14.95 when you build your own custom portfolio book.

    As always feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your custom portfolio project.

    Happy Creating,



    26 Awesome Custom Portfolio Book Examples with Color Fills

    Over the years we’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of creatives on making a perfect custom portfolio book to hold their work.  We’ve had a lot of interesting requests, one of which has been added as a treatment to make our custom books even more special and bespoke, the engraved color fill treatment.

    The engraved color fill treatment is perfect for those wanting to add a little something extra to an engraved area of their custom acrylic or bamboo screwpost portfolios.  It works best when you are looking to incorporate color to your portfolio book cover.  We’re currently working on adding this feature for the brushed aluminum materials as well so hang tight!

    Take a look at a mix of  beautiful custom graphic, interior, photography, and fashion portfolio books with the Klo Portfolios touch of an engraved color fill. Click on the photo to see a larger view.

    Questions? Comments? Praise?  Hit us up at info[at]kloportfolios.com :-)


    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment in blue on matte black acrylic

    Custom photography portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment on white acrylic

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with gold and pink engraved color fill treatment on glossy black acrylic

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment in gold on matte black acrylic

    Custom graphic design portfolio book in white acrylic with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color treatment in gold on amber bamboo

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment in black on white acrylic

    Custom photography portfolio book in white acrylic with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom graphic design portfolio book in matte black acrylic with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom real estate portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment on white acrylic

    Custom art director portfolio book in matte black acrylic with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom square graphic design portfolio book with engraving and gold color fill treatment

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill and cut-out treatment

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment on frosted clear acrylic

    Custom interior design portfolio book with silver engraved color fill on white acrylic

    Custom graphic design portfolio with engraved color fill treatment on glossy black acrylic

    Custom illustrator portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment in gold on matte black acrylic

    Custom baby memory book on satin ice acrylic with engraved color fill on front and back covers

    Custom interior design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment on white acrylic

    Custom fashion design portfolio book with engraved color fill and gold foil treatment on glossy black acrylic

    Custom portfolio book in matte black acrylic with engraved white color fill treatment

    Cutom graphic design portfolio book in frosted clear acrylic with inverse engraved color fill on the inside front

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment in red and brown

    Custom graphic design portfolio book in matte black with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom advertising portfolio book in red acrylic with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom interior design portfolio book in white acrylic with engraved color fill treatment













    How to Properly Insert Pages into Your Screwpost Portfolio Book

    We often get asked “How do I insert pages in to a screwpost portfolio book?” There are a few ways which we’ll discuss below and the pros and cons of each.

    Hinge Strips

    Hinge strips are made from a clear-flexi material and attach to the left hand side of your work and have holes that align with the holes of the binding. Your pages will bend properly and lie flat and you won’t need to worry about creating margins or a gutter for your printed pages.

    We’ve created a step-by-step guide (with lots of photos!) on how to easily add hinge strips to your pages for your custom portfolio book.

    Klo-Custom-portfolio-books-and-printing-services-1024x1024hinge strips

    PRO: Because this portion is clear, it’s not intrusive on your work and will flow nicely with your artwork. It looks very professional and streamlines your pages. They’re very easy to attach and look great.

    CON: The adhesive portion of the hinge strip attaches to your page and is is not reusable at a later time on a different page although additional strips are reasonably priced.

    We do sell them for $16.95 CAD ($13.35 USD) for a pack of 10 so you purchase these if you need any when you build your own custom portfolio book.

    Sheet Protectors

    If you plan on switching the content of your screwpost portfolio book often, this may be the best option for you.


    PRO: Sheet protectors allow you to easily slip your pages in to them and have a perforated area as well as holes that line up with the holes on the binding of your portfolio book. They’ll keep your pages from fingerprint marks and other dirt blemishes that can appear after handling.

    CON: Because it’s essentially a plastic cover over your pages, it may cause glare over your work and feel less natural for the viewer since they’re not able to directly feel the weight and texture of the paper you’ve used. Sometimes it can be related to “scrapbook” qualities which are not as professional as other options.

    We don’t sell sheet protectors but you can buy them at your local art store or online at sites like Amazon.com

    Scored and Hole Punched Printed Pages

    A third option is to have your pages scored and hole punched by your printer when sending them to press. You’ll want to make sure you leave a 1″ margin on the left hand side of your prints to allow for the area that will go in to the binding of your screwpost portfolio.

    PRO: Your pages will appear uniform and well structured with the perforation and aligned hole spacing.

    CON: Not all printers offer this service and if they do, it may be more costly than using hinge strips or sheet protectors. In addition, this option will work best with heavier weight paper or cardstock since perforation can wear on thinner paper and tear.

    Still have questions about properly inserting your work in to your screwpost portfolio book? Feel free to shoot us an email at info@kloportfolios.com or call us toll free 1 855 279 0558.

    Check out the Klo Portfolios Flickr page for inspiration for your own custom portfolio book.

    Happy Creating :-)




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