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    5 Custom Portfolio Book Examples for Designers We Love

    It can be a daunting task when it comes to creating your portfolio book.  That final vessel that houses all of the work you’ve meticulously edited, re-edited, and then edited some more!

    We’ve created tens of thousands of beautiful custom portfolio books for designers just like you and want to share a few of our favorites.   We hope it’ll lend you some inspiration so that you can create something that truly represents you.

    Begin creating your own custom portfolio book or give us a shout if you have any questions.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    Ivory Stain Gains

    Michelle opted for our hand-stained ivory bamboo portfolio book with an engraved color fill in copper.  Once the bamboo is engraved, it creates a rich texture showing the lines of the wood which can either be left as is or color filled.

    Ivory Stained Bamboo Portfolio with engraving treatment Large

    graphic design screwpost portfolio book with engraving and color fill

    UV Print Pattern Galore

    Rebekah chose our matte black acrylic portfolio book in the 11 x 17 landscape size for the canvas of her rad design.  She opted for our full cover UV Print & Cure treatment which allows us to seamlessly print intricate designs right on to any of our materials.  Can you spot the clever geese design within her pattern?  Genius!

    Matte Black and UV Print portfolio

    Matte Black UV Print Portfolio

    Triple Threat Treatments

    Furniture designer Chad Manley incorporated an engraving, engraved color fill, as well as a UV Print & Cure treatment for the photo realistic image of the flower in between the calipers.   The final outcome perfectly illustrates how combining different treatments can create a tactile portfolio book that will grab anyone’s attention.  Chad opted for our 8.5 x 11 portrait caramel bamboo portfolio book.

    Bamboo Chad Manley III

    Bamboo Chad Manley

    custom bamboo portfolio book

    Engraving and Pattern Duo

    Gabriela complimented her graphic design portfolio with a full cover UV Print for the colored areas and an engraving for her text.  She chose our white acrylic material in the 8.5 x 11 landscape size.  We love this sassy yet classy design!

    White acrylic portfolio with uv and engraving

    White acrylic portfolio with uv and engraving II

    Marble Acrylic Madness

    Did you know we create our own marble acrylic in-house?  Exclusive to Klo Portfolios, this is one of our favorite materials since it has the richness of marble with the lightness of acrylic.  Nicole chose an engraved color fill in gold for her 11 x 17 landscape interior design portfolio.  You can’t go wrong with this timeless marble and gold combination and we absolutely love it!

    personalized marble acrylic portfolio book

    marble acrylic interior design portfolio book by klo portfolios



    Client Spotlight: Photographer Shekinah Shazaam

    Shekinah Shazaam is a stellar photographer who has an eye for layout and the perfect candid shot. Not only is she a photographer supreme, she adds a twist to her work through the use of unique costumes and color schemes. We love how she experiments with different materials and color palettes to create a photo you can’t take your eyes off of.

    Shekinah’s photography caught our attention when she ordered a custom portfolio book from us, we had to ask her more about herself and her work.

    Custom Marble Screwpost Binder Photography

    custom marble acrylic photography portfolio book

    How did you get into photography?

    I actually studied design in college (it was a more viable field than fine art.) One of our required classes was photography, so in that I was able to learn more and found that being able to take my own photos for projects was really helpful.

    I used my camera more for vlogs when I first started, but a few years ago, I began shooting more avant-garde style portraits and I fell in love. There is something so fulfilling about communicating an idea through image alone, that I can’t imagine not doing it now.

    Photography Portfolio Portrait

    Portrait Photography Portfolio

    What tips do you have for other photographers?

    A few tips I have for other photographers or designers would be to be persistent, avoid doing work you don’t love, & always be open to learn.  During a portfolio review years ago, a couple mentors told me to continue doing my conceptual shoots.

    Even though my particular location doesn’t have a high demand for these, they are what I love the most, and that passion is really seen by others.   Sometimes you have to compromise by taking work you aren’t 100% set on to pay the bills, but never lose your true vision or sell out to be something you aren’t.

    Photography Portrait Portfolio

    What tools or avenues do you use to promote yourself?

    In terms of marketing myself, I’ve found that consistently blogging and posting to social media has been quite helpful. People see you constantly in their feed and they will remember you as a photographer in the future (which will lead to referrals).  Collaborating with other creatives has also been great.  Not only can you gain inspiration from them, you can also use this as a networking opportunity to further grow your business.

    Shekinah Shazaam Photography Portrait

    We love hearing the stories that make up the contents of our customer’s portfolio books.  Often years of hard work are made tangible and shared with others and we couldn’t be any happier to be apart of it.

    Create your own custom photography portfolio book and start your journey!



    Client Spotlight: Graphic Designer and Photographer Gabrielle Bégin

    Gabrielle Begin’s work is bright, optimistic, and includes a plethora of quirky illustrations.   She is a lady of many talents, including hand lettering, graphic design and photography.   Gabrielle graduated from the graphic design program at Collège la Cité, in Ottawa, where typography and hand lettering caught her attention.

    hand done lettering typography

    Her work appears fluid and organic,  so much that we had to get to know more about Gabrielle.  Check out her story and work below!

    Graphic Design Illustration Hand Done Flowers

    What is your favourite project you’ve worked on?

    This is a though one! Honestly, being a graphic designer and photographer, any project that combines both photography and design gives me the opportunity to get 200% involved in the project and to add a personal touch. I also enjoy projects where my imagination can go off limits.

    Graphic Design Book Design layout Illustration

    graphic design book cover typography illustration

    Magazine Layout Design Graphic Illustration Magazine Layout Design Graphic Design Layout Magazine



    What’s one item you can’t live without?

    Definitely my camera. Whether it’s my professional camera or simply the camera on my phone, I think inspiration and beauty is everywhere around us and I rarely go somewhere without taking tons of photos.

    Male Portrait Photography

    Man Head shot Photography

    Portrait Nature Photography

    Woman Portrait Nature Photography

    Has having a physical body of work helped you?

    A lot. Freshly graduated from college, having my printed work in a physical portfolio book really impresses employers.  Also, the customization of my screwpost portfolio with Klo shows important attention to details. It also helps with my confidence since I’m always proud to show off my design portfolio at interviews or when I meet a client for the first time.

    Custom Matte Black Screwpost Portfolio Book

    Graphic Design Screwpost Portfolio Book

    We love hearing the stories that make up the contents of our customer’s portfolio books.  Often years of hard work are made tangible and shared with others and we couldn’t be any happier to be apart of it.

    Create your own custom portfolio book and start your creative journey!


    4 Inspiring Student Portfolio Show Tables

    Portfolio show’s are one of the most important days for a student attending design school. It’s their final step before graduating and one of their first opportunities to network and meet potential employers. We love being a part of this special day by creating custom portfolios that represent our customer’s sense of style and individuality.

    We’re intrigued by each student’s unique and creative portfolio design and how they decorate their tables to match their personality and branding.

    For anyone whose big day is approaching, we’ve gathered four inspiring portfolio tables that our customers laid out at their shows. These tables are all one of a kind and definite show stoppers!

    Whimsical Beach

    Custom Engrave Portfolio Book Display

    Megan’s frosted clear acrylic portfolio book with an engraved color fill is displayed beautifully on a table decorated with elements reminiscent of a relaxing beach day.  She brought the beach to her table through elements like shells, sea glass and a small log.

    We love how she livened up the table with flowers and succulents. The flowers even matched her warm pastel color scheme! To stand out from her classmates, she included both a blue and woven beige table cloth that tied into her beach theme.

    Student Portfolio Book Custom Engraved at Portfolio Show

    Megan displayed her business cards on a small wooden branch with slits for the cards. We love to see students with unique ways of showing off their business cards based on their chosen theme. Megan’s table shows how tactile and tangible elements can draw attention to your area at the show and attract potential employers right away.

    Sweet Bow

    Student Portfolio Show Table Layout

    Shay’s table features our matte black acrylic portfolio book with an engraved color fill of metallic silver.  Her delicate bow illustration on her portfolio perfectly reflects the exquisite table design she decided to go with.

    Shay’s elegant and minimalist branding is easily captured through her portfolio show table layout. We love the way one of her fashion illustrations were displayed between to sets of roses.

    A great way to show off your work, apart from in your portfolio book, is to have your favorite piece displayed separately so it will be seen right away.  This will catch a potential employer’s  attention and lead them to ask more questions about the art.

    Custom Engraved Portfolio Book Acrylic

    Another takeaway from Shay’s portfolio table is the addition of food to your table! Who doesn’t love a tasty treat? People will automatically be drawn to your table if you’re offering a free snack and they”re more likely to stick around to chat while they eat.

    Eco Friendly Fashion

    Custom Student Bamboo Portfolio Book Display

    Bailey’s custom amber bamboo portfolio book with an engraved color fill reflects her eco-friendly aesthetic that reveals itself in her work and design philosophy.

    Her table is another example of how plants such as succulents add color and liveliness.  Bailey displayed her portfolio book and business cards on foam made to resemble brick.  Her custom portfolio stood out from the rest of the table since it was heightened like a pedestal for her work.

    Student Portfolio Show Table Design

    She used  bamboo crates matching her portfolio book to hold succulents, adding varying heights to her table.  What stood out the most to us about Bailey’s table was her little goody bags.  It’s a clever idea to have a small take-away that features your branding and logo so people will remember you once they’ve left the show.  Plus, people are always stoked on receiving free goodies!

    Sophisticated Elegance

    Student Portfolio Show Table Set Up Inspiration

    Gurleen’s custom brushed silver aluminum portfolio book with a burnishing treatment is displayed beautifully on her show table featuring a black table cloth.

    The use of the table cloth allows her to stand out from the rest of the white table cloths. We recommend switching it up and adding your own table cloth to your portfolio show table to emphasize your color scheme further.

    Gurleen also used succulents as a tactile element on her table.  A splash of green s an awesome contrast against the black table cloth.  It’s important to add contrast to your table to draw employer’s attention and catch their eye so they’ll visit your table.

    Custom Aluminum Portfolio Book at Portfolio Show  Table

    Gurleen highlighted her silver theme through silver doilies under her succulents and a silver plate holding her giveaways.  We love the way she wrapped lights around the top of the table, adding vibrancy against a darker theme.  She also lit up her table with a couple candles to create a warm and inviting display.

    Based on these 4 examples we have summed it up into 5 hot tips for your upcoming portfolio show table design.

    1. Be unique by adding a table cloth that matches your brand color scheme.

    2. Feature your favorite project or artwork separately from your portfolio to strike up conversation right away.

    3. Prepare some goody bags for people to take home that feature your logo and branding.

    4. Add varying heights to your table to draw people’s attention from far away.

    5. Display your business cards on or in a tactile item that reflects your branding theme.

    We look forward to seeing all the beautiful tables out there this portfolio show season!


    3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Ordering Your Custom Portfolio Book

    Many folks – be they students or working professionals – come to us asking what sort of components they should consider getting for their custom portfolio book. Chances are if you’re reading this that you are wondering the same. Well never fear! We strive to help you make the best portfolio that your wicked imagination can come up with, so read on for our answers to some of the most asked questions taken into mind when ordering that brand new masterpiece.

    What size portfolio book should I get?

    klo portfolios bleed for fashion

    The main things you want to consider when confronting this question are the presence you wish your portfolio to have when engaged with, and the sort of setting you see it most often in. Large portfolios stand out in a large expo hall, but can be a bit dominating for smaller-quarter meetings.

    Small and medium portfolios are ideal for transportation purposes, and while the medium dimensions of 11×14 are both our most popular size and certainly hold more presence from afar, a smaller piece can just as effectively capture a client’s interest with its inmate intimate charm. By considering these points, you can find the size that is right for you.

    How do I add pages to my screwpost portfolio book?


    We often get asked How do I properly insert pages in to my custom portfolio book?

    For some folks, plastic sleeves can be a viable option as they offer extra protection against wear and tear, and offer the ability to swap prints in and out without too much hassle. On the other hand, hingestrips provide a more direct experience between the prints and the purveyor, and don’t diffuse the coloration of the images through an outer plastic layer.

    Ultimately, if you’re looking to protect your prints for the long term and are willing to invest the extra money, you can go with sleeves.  If presenting your work for that one big showcase is more your situation, and you find yourself wanting to save a bit of money after heartily investing in that new custom portfolio, we recommend hingestrips.

    What material should I choose for my portfolio book?

    Klo Portfolios bamboo portfolio book

    This one is again up to a mixture of:

    • the impact you hope your piece to have and
    • the life spam you’re hoping to get out of it 

    Glossy black acrylic and the brushed aluminum options are more prone to scratching, and as such require a bit more delicate care than other materials, but have a fantastic presence in a lit room and truly catch the eye.

    The matte black and frosted clear acrylic options can be a bit more muted than the more reflective options due to their light diffusing nature, but are better for hiding wear and do a fantastic job of fighting off fingerprint marking.

    Our bamboo collection is a softer material than our metal and plastic options, but is particularly excellent if you’re looking for something that can survive the ages as most scratches obtained over time can be lightly sanded down.

    In addition to all of these points, take into consideration the aesthetics of your design. Do you want your piece to have a natural feel, or perhaps something more industrial? Furthermore, color and combinations there in are HUGE and we talk about this more extensively here. Take the time to consider how the color of material will match up to the rest of your order.

    There you have it! With these guidelines now in your quiver alongside your creative vision, you’re already well on your way to a genius masterpiece of a custom portfolio book.

    If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to throw us an inquiry! We’re always happy to help you see your piece to perfection it deserves.

    Happy Creating!

    Tom van der Lee

    Portfolio Artisan



    New! Full Color UV Print Treatment for your Custom Portfolio Book!

    We’re thrilled to announce the offering of our new UV Print Treatment exclusive to Klo Portfolios which allows you to virtually print any graphic, photo, or illustration directly on to your custom portfolio book.  Some call it magic, we call it pure awesomeness!

    Perfectly tailor your aesthetic and branding with dramatic full color effects like you’ve never seen before and have it color matched to boot.  Further enhance your design by adding gloss or matte finishes for unique embossing and varnishing effects.  This treatment will stand the test of time since it cures instantly and adheres to any of our acrylic, bamboo, or brushed aluminum materials.  Create stunning full cover graphics and leave a lasting impression on your viewer.


    Custom screwpost portfolio book with UV Print treatment Klo Portfolios

    Custom bamboo portfolio book with engraved uv print treatmentCustom interior design portfolio book with uv print by kloportfolios

    Custom screwpost portfolio book with UV print by Klo portfolios

    What’s so great about UV Printing?  Unlike conventional printing methods, UV printing uses energy efficient UV-LED lamps that generate low level of heat so you can feel good about the environmentally friendly methods of production.

    As always, your custom portfolio is created in-house in the trusted hands of our portfolio artisans and design team that will ensure you receive exactly what you ordered, every time.

    We’re working on exciting combinations such as an engraved UV print treatment where the area is first engraved and a graphic or pattern is applied in the engraved area.

    Got a question or want to say hello?  Give us a shout via email or phone and we’ll get you some answers :-)

    Happy creating!





    26 Awesome Custom Portfolio Book Examples with Color Fills

    Over the years we’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of creatives on making a perfect custom portfolio book to hold their work.  We’ve had a lot of interesting requests, one of which has been added as a treatment to make our custom books even more special and bespoke, the engraved color fill treatment.

    The engraved color fill treatment is perfect for those wanting to add a little something extra to an engraved area of their custom acrylic or bamboo screwpost portfolios.  It works best when you are looking to incorporate color to your portfolio book cover.  We’re currently working on adding this feature for the brushed aluminum materials as well so hang tight!

    Take a look at a mix of  beautiful custom graphic, interior, photography, and fashion portfolio books with the Klo Portfolios touch of an engraved color fill. Click on the photo to see a larger view.

    Questions? Comments? Praise?  Hit us up at info[at]kloportfolios.com :-)


    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment in blue on matte black acrylic

    Custom photography portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment on white acrylic

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with gold and pink engraved color fill treatment on glossy black acrylic

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment in gold on matte black acrylic

    Custom graphic design portfolio book in white acrylic with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color treatment in gold on amber bamboo

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment in black on white acrylic

    Custom photography portfolio book in white acrylic with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom graphic design portfolio book in matte black acrylic with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom real estate portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment on white acrylic

    Custom art director portfolio book in matte black acrylic with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom square graphic design portfolio book with engraving and gold color fill treatment

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill and cut-out treatment

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment on frosted clear acrylic

    Custom interior design portfolio book with silver engraved color fill on white acrylic

    Custom graphic design portfolio with engraved color fill treatment on glossy black acrylic

    Custom illustrator portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment in gold on matte black acrylic

    Custom baby memory book on satin ice acrylic with engraved color fill on front and back covers

    Custom interior design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment on white acrylic

    Custom fashion design portfolio book with engraved color fill and gold foil treatment on glossy black acrylic

    Custom portfolio book in matte black acrylic with engraved white color fill treatment

    Cutom graphic design portfolio book in frosted clear acrylic with inverse engraved color fill on the inside front

    Custom graphic design portfolio book with engraved color fill treatment in red and brown

    Custom graphic design portfolio book in matte black with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom advertising portfolio book in red acrylic with engraved color fill treatment

    Custom interior design portfolio book in white acrylic with engraved color fill treatment














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