Custom Graphic Design Portfolio Book for Anne Toal

With an “About” section that reads “I have always known that art and design would be a big part of me.  My parents must have known it too, that is why they made my initials a.r.t.” , it’s clear that Anne’s passion runs deep and it shows in her work.

Anne wanted a custom portfolio book that reflects her organic, subtle, yet striking aesthetic.  Something that would remain timeless, even if her work evolves and the pages inside her portfolio change.

The Solution: A custom 11 x 17 white acrylic portfolio book with her signature engraved on the cover.  Anne can easily add and remove pages from her screwpost portfolio book by using either hinge strips or page protectors.

View more examples of custom graphic designer portfolio books we’ve created or peruse through the Klo Flickr page to see our latest freshly cut portfolios.  Read our simple design guide and learn more about how you can create and order your own custom portfolio.


custom engraved white acrylic portfolio book

Anne's custom 11x17 white acrylic engraved portfolio book


custom logo engraved portfolio book

A close-up of Anne's custom portfolio book with a signature engraving


A few samples of Anne’s work below.  View more of Anne’s work on her website.

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