Custom Graphic Design Screwpost Portfolio Book for Kevin Liu

Kevin Liu, a dedicated designer from Charlotte, NC specializes  in modern, abstract, and minimal 3D design.  Driven by his love of packaging design and light photography, he was propelled to go back to school.  Kevin feels an overall sense of calm and fulfillment when designing which is completely in congruence with what he wants to do: create.

Kevin came to Klo Portfolios and wanting a custom portfolio book that embodied his minimalist yet sharp design aesthetic.  Looking for something that captures his simple yet crystal clear aesthetic, he was naturally attracted to the white acrylic portfolio books.

The Solution:  We created a custom-cut 11 x 17 white acrylic graphic design portfolio with die-cut treatment on the cover.  This allows Kevin to visually play with the first page of his portfolio to make certain patterns and colors pop through.

All Klo custom portfolios are cut and treated when they’re ordered, and hand assembled in our Vancouver studio.  You can’t get much fresher than then.  Our philosophy is waste not want not which is why we aim to have minimum wastage with maximum freshness.

Do you have a custom portfolio design idea you’d like to bring to life?  Cruise through the Klo Flickr page or visit our gallery to see our latest work.  We’d love to hear about your ideas so don’t be shy, email info@kloportfolios.com if you have any questions.

Happy Creating!



Unique custom portfolio books

Custom 11 x 17 white acrylic portfolio with cut-out treatment on the cover

Custom graphic designer portfolio books

A closer look at the die-cut treatment on this custom-cut white acrylic screwpost presentation book


Here are a few pieces of Kevin’s work.  You can see more on his website here.


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