4 Things to Consider When Designing Your Custom Portfolio Book

4 Things to Consider When Designing Your Custom Portfolio Book Custom Portfolio Examples Examples How To's How Tos

4 Things to Consider When Designing Your Custom Portfolio Book

Hello all! Name’s Tom, and I’m the resident portfolio artisan here at Klo Portfolios.  If you place an order with us, chances are your final product will pass through my hands and soon be assembled to choice perfection!  Having had the special privilege of personally overseeing countless hundreds of precious, unique portfolios from start to finish, I thought I’d take some time to impart to you all some of the insight I’ve gained.

We strive for nothing short of excellence – supreme-quality custom portfolios are our highest concern. That said, the final design and choices of materials, treatments, etc ultimately boil down you.

This means that sometimes, some designs turn out softer, or subtler, than the rest of the competition. And likewise, there are always a few custom portfolios that burst forward ahead of the pack.  Still reading, and keen to make your portfolio one of those leading the forefront? Good, then read on and direct your eyes to the tips I’ve listed below.

Color Relationships

One of the biggest shortcomings to a great design that we see are a diminished presence of colors on a portfolio surface. It may seem tempting to go for soft values and rock that au natural look, but trust me when I say that a strong portfolio is one that packs a visual punch.

Contrasting or strong colors are vital here. Strong choices are gold, white, red, color fills on black – whereas a soft and diminished choice would be striving for a dark grey on black, or perhaps a light brown on a darker brown bamboo surface.

Custom ebony stained bamboo portfolio book with engraved color fill by Klo PortfoliosCustom screwpost graphic design portfolio book in tiger bamboo by Klo PortfoliosSquare portfolio book custom made by Klo Portfolios

Remember, the eyes sifting over your cover have likely already passed over many others in a rather short duration of time, so do your best to aim for something that pops!


Much like color, the sizing of your name and/or image is a an equally important detail to consider when it comes to your portfolio’s first impression. You never know how far across a room a potential client or future employer may be when their eyes pass over your custom piece, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of the full dimensions your chosen surface naturally provides!

Full-cover patterns or large images often stand out best in a crowd, as they maintain clear readability across a large breadth of distance.

Graphic design full pattern portfolio book made by Klo Portfolios Custom fashion design portfolio book by Klo Portfolios Bamboo portfolio books by Klo Portfolios


Many portfolios shy away from images, opting instead to simply provide the owner’s name. There is of course a very good reason for this – choosing the perfect picture to convey a portfolio’s contents can be a quite the domineering and exhausting task, especially if there is a chance of the inner content being changed over the years!

And yet, if you are willing to invest the time to find that right image, I can tell you right now that your portfolio is going to convey a meaning many times deeper and more provocative to your general audience.

Custom-portfolio-book-by-klo-portfolios-with-UV-Print-treatment large17121793179_22e36da872_zCustom illustration portfolio book by Klo Portfolios


This last tip pertains to the general quality one can expect to achieve when they really take the time to sift over the details in their portfolio cover design.  At the end of the day, your custom portfolio book is going to be with you for many, many years, and as such it definitely deserves your full consideration before placing an order.

We’ve seen many portfolio orders come through here that and nice, clean, and simple but that also lack that clear punch because they were designed towards the tail end of a deadline.

Oftentimes a good design means going back to the drawing board a couple of times, so offer yourself the time for revisions instead of rushing to the finish line, and it’ll shine through the rest of the competition without fail.

There you have it! With these guidelines now in your quiver alongside your creative vision, you’re already well on your way to a genius masterpiece of a custom portfolio. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to throw us an inquiry! We’re always happy to help you see your piece to perfection it deserves.

Happy Creating!


Portfolio Artisan


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