5 Tips to Help You Survive the Last 2 Weeks of Design School

5 Tips to Help You Survive the Last 2 Weeks of Design School Inspiration Inspiration

5 Tips to Help You Survive the Last 2 Weeks of Design School


Hello fellow designers and soon to be design grads!  My name’s Heather and I’m the Graphic Designer and Proofer at Klo Portfolios. As proofer I help you modify and tweak your custom portfolio design until it’s perfect.  As graphic designer I have the pleasure to use my creativity to design many projects for Klo from packaging to display walls.

Being a recent graduate I have many fresh design ideas that I’m excited to put to use! I attended The Art Institute of Vancouver and graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design.  It's a 2 year intensive program so believe me, I understand the stress of having piles of work to do and not enough time to do it.  I’d like to share with you 5 useful tips that helped me survive the last 2 weeks of school.

Use an Agenda

If any of you are like me, you tend to build up many lists of what you need to do and forget where you put them.  This is where agendas can be SO handy.  Keep all your lists and to-dos in one place and you’ll instantly feel so much more relaxed when you can read what you need to do on what day.

Focus on one thing at a Time

This tip ties in with using an agenda.  If you can see what is due when and what days you have to work on what you can focus on one project or exam at a time. Rather than thinking about all the studying and work you have, try to zone in on what is due first and give that your full attention which will result in the best outcome for each project.

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Take breaks

You may be thinking “But I don’t have time!”, which is how I always felt too.  Spending 5 hours on the same thing won’t help you, trust me. It’s important to let your brain relax and eat some food or just do nothing in between school work.  Not taking breaks will cause frustration and more stress.  You’ll find that after a break you feel refreshed and have more of a positive feeling about studying and projects.


Again you’re probably thinking, “But I don’t have time!” and similar to taking breaks, sleep is essential to refresh your brain.  You might think you can study the night away, but if your physically exhausted your brain won’t be able to register as much information.

Lastly, as cheesy as it sounds, believe in yourself!

This isn’t your first time going through the stress of school.  If you’ve done it before you can do it again.  You'll want to curl up into a ball and cry at the time but remember that in two weeks you will have killed your exams and projects, and reached a huge milestone of graduating design school.


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