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Klo’s mission is to create beautifully unique and customizable portfolios.

The idea was born after creating a portfolio for a design project in school. I realized the presentation and packaging of my work is just as important as the work itself.

Each custom portfolio book is hand-crafted individually in our Studio in Vancouver, BC. We don’t mass-produce and we’re proud of it. We work closely with you and are heavily involved in the process from the minute you dream up an idea, to the final delivery. Your custom portfolio receives the utmost care and attention to detail, and lots of love in the process. We’re big on collaborations so if you have an idea, we want to hear about it.

So kick back, get comfy, and peruse through the site to see if Klo Portfolios is a good fit for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We’d love to hear more about your ideas!

Tarlan Seyedfarshi


"Tarlan's expertise and detailed fabrication knowledge led to my portfolio book turning out better than I even imagined. Her prompt, professional, and easy-going demeanor made her a pleasure to work with. I'd recommend Klo Portfolios to anyone looking for a unique and custom piece."

- Peter Winett (Vancouver, BC)

"Great customer service and communication. The design is just what I asked for and showcases my work beautifully. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a professional portfolio custom designed to order from Tarlan!"

- Mirella Tovar (Illinois)