Choosing the Perfect Material and Treatment for your Custom Portfolio Book

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Choosing the Perfect Material and Treatment for your Custom Portfolio Book

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality and largest selection of materials for your custom portfolio book (25 and counting!) and we also know choosing the best one for you can be a daunting task. The good news is that it's the fun part!

You can choose just about any combination and permutation that suits your branding and design and we'll bring your portfolio book to life.  What treatments work best with which materials?  How do you decide between a matte black acrylic or an ebony stained bamboo portfolio book?

We've outlined some helpful tips below about our most popular material and treatment and combinations along with some examples to lend you some inspiration.

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Custom Acrylic Portfolios

Our most popular material comes in glossy white, matte black, frosted clear, blue, green, and red.  Our concrete and marble portfolio books are also popular choices from our patterned collection.

White Acrylic

custom portfolio book for grpahic designers
Our white acrylic custom graphic design portfolio with an engraved color fill treatment

Our white acrylic custom graphic design portfolio with an engraved color fill treatment

 White acrylic allows the most flexibility in terms of the treatments you want to add.  Engravings, cut-outs, UV Prints, and engraved color fills all look smashing on this material!  Many of our customers opt for a combination of treatments of their screwpost portfolios such as an engraved color fill and a cut-out.

Opt for the white acrylic if you:

  •  are including a metallic color fill
  •  have a multi-colored design you'd like UV Printed & Cured
  •  have a minimalist style and prefer a white on white engraved look
Klo Portfolios- Matte Black ACrylic Portfolio Book
Our matte black acrylic graphic design portfolio with an engraving treatment being assembled.

Matte Black Acrylic

Our matte black acrylic material has a shiny interior and a matte exterior so you get the best of both worlds.  It's a breeze to clean and doesn't show fingerprint marks as easily due to it's matte surface.  This material is also extremely versatile since you can't go wrong with black.  Our matte black acrylic portfolio books are a popular choice with graphic designers, photographers, and architects.

Opt for the matte black acrylic if you:

  • are worried about fingerprints and surface scratches
  • are including a metallic or white color fill
  • want to achieve a black on black look with a UV Print & Cure or a simple engraving

Frosted Clear Acrylic

best personalized fashion design portfolio books
Our frosted clear acrylic fashion design portfolio book with an engraved color fill treatment

This material is semi transparent so you can see the first page of your portfolio book through it which allows you to create an interesting visual.  What sets the frosted clear apart from any other material is that it can be fully UV Printed & Cured with any design, pattern, or image which be seen throughout the material because of it's transparency.

fashion design portfolio book made custom by klo portfolios
Our frosted clear material has been fully UV Printed to create a new material for a fashion design portfolio book!

It's like creating your very own patterned or colored portfolio book!  Our frosted clear acrylic portfolios are a popular choice for photographers, interior designers, and graphic designers.

Opt for the frosted clear acrylic if you:

  • want to create your own colored or patterned material
  • prefer to have the first page of your portfolio showing through the semi-transparent cover
  • Have a gold, black, or white engraved color fill treatment

Marble Acrylic

personalized marble acrylic portfolio book
Our personalized marble acrylic interior design portfolio book with an engraved color fill treatment

One of our favorite portfolio book materials!  Our marble acrylic is exclusive to Klo Portfolios and made in house so you won't find it anywhere else.  It's got the light properties of acrylic with the beautiful marbled pattern of the stone and looks dashing with an engraving, cut-out, or engraved color fill.  Our custom marble acrylic portfolios are popular with fashion designers, photographers, and interior designers.

Opt for the marble acrylic if you :

  • love the look of marble stone
  • are opting for an engraving, cut-out, or engraved color fill in a metallic tone or a bright color
  • want to standout with a material choice that is unique and limited

Another popular choice is our bamboo portfolio books which come in 5 options including amber bamboo, caramel bamboo, tiger bamboo, and hand-stained ebony and ivory options.  Let's explore these options!

Caramel and Amber Bamboo

Custom engraved caramel bamboo portfolio book
Our caramel bamboo portfolio book with a full cover engraving treatment.

Our caramel and amber bamboo portfolio books look great coupled with an engraving or cut-out treatment or a combination of the two.  If you prefer a more subtle and natural material, this one's for you.  Popular with food photographers, interior designers, and eco-friendly brands, you can't go wrong with one of these earthy materials.

Custom Student Bamboo Portfolio Book Display
Our amber bamboo custom interior design portfolio with an engraving treatment

Tiger Bamboo

custom tattoo portfolio book in tiger bamboo
Our tiger bamboo material used for a custom tattoo portfolio book

The most dense and heaviest of them all!  Our tiger bamboo is a beautifully striped material that carries its weight in gold.   Because of its condensed grain, this material can't be cut-out so keep this in mind if this treatment is a part of your design.  We recommend an engraving, engraved color fill, or a UV Print & Cure with this material.

Opt for the Tiger bamboo if you:

  • prefer a heavier material
  • like pronounced wood grains in a 2 toned combination
  • have an organic or eco-friendly design or business

Hand-Stained Ivory and Ebony Stained Bamboo

Custom screwpost portfolios by Klo Portfolios
Our ivory stained bamboo portfolio with a vivid UV Print & Cure treatment

Hand-stained in our studio with either an ebony or ivory stain, the final result of these bamboo portfolio books is stunning.  whether you opt for an engraving which reveals the natural color of the bamboo or you go with a vibrant color fill, the final result is an exquisite portfolio book that will turn a head or two.

Klo ebony stained and color filled portfolio book by Klo Portfolios
Our hand-stained ebony bamboo portfolio book with an engraved color fill treatment

Opt for our bamboo material if you:

  • have an earthier or eco-friendly design aesthetic or business
  • prefer the look and feel of wood but want a black or white backdrop to the customization of your portfolio book
  • have a lot of cut-outs on your portfolio book.  Because our bamboo material is much more dense, it''ll work better with more fragile cut-outs.

Brushed Aluminum Portfolios

Custom brushed aluminum portfolio by Klo Portfolios
Our brushed silver aluminum portfolio with an engraving treatment

The lightest material of the bunch, our brushed aluminum custom portfolio books offer a modern and polished look.  Because we use different machinery to make and customize these portfolio books, they have more limitations when it comes to engraving and cut-outs.   If you have super fine lines and smaller cut-outs, we recommend opting for our acrylic portfolios instead.  The brushed aluminum works great with full color UV prints or larger engravings and cut-outs.

The black polyethylene core of the material is revealed once it's engraved, giving it a tactile touch since you have feel with your fingers the raised areas that now make up your design.

Our silver burnishing  adds an extremely elegant touch to a brushed silver aluminum with a "silver on silver" look.  If you're feeling adventurous, you can opt for a silver burnishing on our brushed gold or aluminum portfolio books which has its own charm and uniqueness.   Our engraving, burnishing, and UV print treatments on the brushed aluminum portfolios is another  Klo Portfolios signature look.

Opt for our brushed aluminum material if you:

  • prefer a lighter material
  • have larger engravings and cut-outs for your design
  • would like to integrate color with a UV Print & Cure treatment

We hope this helps you create the perfect presentation book!  You can see a lot more examples of custom portfolio books and as always, give us a shout if you have any questions.  We're always happy to help.




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