Client Spotlight: Graphic Designer and Photographer Gabrielle Bégin

Client Spotlight: Graphic Designer and Photographer Gabrielle Bégin Inspiration Inspiration

Client Spotlight: Graphic Designer and Photographer Gabrielle Bégin

Gabrielle Begin's work is bright, optimistic, and includes a plethora of quirky illustrations.   She is a lady of many talents, including hand lettering, graphic design and photography.   Gabrielle graduated from the graphic design program at Collège la Cité, in Ottawa, where typography and hand lettering caught her attention.

hand done lettering typography

Her work appears fluid and organic,  so much that we had to get to know more about Gabrielle.  Check out her story and work below!

Graphic Design Illustration Hand Done Flowers

What is your favourite project you've worked on?

This is a though one! Honestly, being a graphic designer and photographer, any project that combines both photography and design gives me the opportunity to get 200% involved in the project and to add a personal touch. I also enjoy projects where my imagination can go off limits.

Graphic Design Book Design layout Illustration

graphic design book cover typography illustration

Magazine Layout Design Graphic Illustration Magazine Layout Design Graphic Design Layout Magazine



What's one item you can't live without?

Definitely my camera. Whether it’s my professional camera or simply the camera on my phone, I think inspiration and beauty is everywhere around us and I rarely go somewhere without taking tons of photos.

Male Portrait Photography

Man Head shot Photography

Portrait Nature Photography

Woman Portrait Nature Photography

Has having a physical body of work helped you?

A lot. Freshly graduated from college, having my printed work in a physical portfolio book really impresses employers.  Also, the customization of my screwpost portfolio with Klo shows important attention to details. It also helps with my confidence since I’m always proud to show off my design portfolio at interviews or when I meet a client for the first time.

Custom Matte Black Screwpost Portfolio Book

Graphic Design Screwpost Portfolio Book

We love hearing the stories that make up the contents of our customer’s portfolio books.  Often years of hard work are made tangible and shared with others and we couldn’t be any happier to be apart of it.

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