Client Spotlight: Graphic Designer Brendan Mudryk

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Client Spotlight: Graphic Designer Brendan Mudryk

Brendan Mudryk is the genius and creative brain behind Tyr Designs.  Brendan's design has no limits and he is the king of thinking outside the box.   If you're looking for designs that are weird and out of this universe, he's your guy.  Brendan graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design and has worked with bands such as KRS-One, The X Presidents, the Pharcyde and many more.  He has a wide range of talents from illustration to digital design to branding.

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Back when Brendan ordered a custom portfolio book from us, his intricate typographic logo caught our attention. We've since learned more about how Brendan's passion was born, his design process, and what resource he can't live without.  Check it out below!

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How did you get into graphic design?

Neopets.  Seriously. If you're not sure what Neopets is, it's effectively a browser based Tamagotchi. On the site you could customize your profile via HTML code and there were websites that you would make the code and design the pages for you.  All you had to do was copy and paste the code.  When I was a kid I was hugely into playing Neopets and being a metalhead at an early age, I had an issue with the lack of metal theme profiles. Using MS Paint I took it upon myself to design my own and replace the images in the pre-made code. My dad noticed what I was doing, got me Photoshop, and I've been doing graphic design work ever since.

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What is your design process?

Depends heavily on the project.  Posters are different from logos, which are different from apps and so on.  First and foremost though, with any project, I meet with the people contacting me.  Talking about the project is important of course, but its more important for me to get to know them.  There is always an emotional connection with a person and the envisioned idea in their head and I want to tap into that.  The more I can learn about them, the more I can get a feel for the style and direction they want.

After that I start doing mood boards, sketches, whatever I can while listening to music that reflects the tone of the project.  The music helps me maintain a certain consistent feeling and tone within all the concepts in a somewhat organic way.  To me design isn't separate from fine art, they're both just part of the same bigger web.  As a result I treat my entire process like an art project but instead of pulling it solely from my head, I have to pull from someone else's as well and the more connection that person and I have, the more accurate my interpretation becomes.

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What's one resource you can't live without?

You know how you get visions in your head when you listen to specific songs? Or how music in movies inspire certain emotions and give you chills? That feeling from music is what I couldn't live without. That essence of music is is what I love about it and it use as a force to push my work. I want Purple Haze to play in your head when looking at a psychedelic design, or viking metal while looking at a Nordic logo. Doesn't matter what it is, every one of my creations has a musical theme anchoring it.

We are constantly amazed by the creativity we see through each client that orders a custom portfolio book through us. Each story we hear about our customers' creative journeys inspire us to continue creating beautiful custom portfolios to help fellow creatives.

Order a custom portfolio book today and take the first step into your creative quest!


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