Client Spotlight: Illustrator and Designer Chris Nurse

Client Spotlight: Illustrator and Designer Chris Nurse Inspiration Inspiration

Client Spotlight: Illustrator and Designer Chris Nurse

Chris Nurse Illustrator and Graphic Designer

You can't help but feel immersed in Chris Nurse's vibrant and distinctive style.  Sometimes bold and bright, other times muted and realistic with a dash of humor, Chris evokes strong emotions from those who come across his art.  Currently pursuing his Masters in Design, Chris' early career includes teaching Arts and Crafts to inner City youth and freelancing various projects from logo design to album artwork.

He caught our attention when he came to us for the build of his custom portfolio book and naturally we wanted to know how he gained his eclectic style.

Chris Nurse Artwork


Flower Drawing Portfolio Illustration

Portfolios Customer Feature Illustration Graphic Design

How did you get into illustration and graphic design?

I’ve been into illustrations and designing as far back as I can remember. My dad’s job involved sketching for building layouts and at home he would always do these cool little cartoon doodles to make me laugh so I started doodling on my own and kept at it getting better with more practice.  I started enjoying the process of creating a unique piece from scratch.

Boxer Illstration Black and White Portfolio

black and white drawing illutration portfolio

What is your favorite piece of work you've done?

I’m a huge Tarantino fan so when a client wanted a Pulp Fiction movie scene illustrated I automatically knew it would be my fave.

Pulp Fiction Illustration Drawing

Whose inspiring you as an artist right now?

Right now I’m currently doing studies on Caravaggio from the baroque period and his work has me extremely obsessed with shadow, lighting and human anatomy. I'm probably going to be drawing naked people for the next couple months.

Pencil Crayon Drawing Art Illustration Portfolio

We love hearing the stories that make up the contents of our customer’s portfolio books.  Often years of hard work are made tangible and shared with others and we couldn't be any happier to be apart of it.

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