Client Spotlight: Illustrator and Story Teller Alexis Moniello

Client Spotlight:  Illustrator and Story Teller Alexis Moniello Inspiration Inspiration

Client Spotlight: Illustrator and Story Teller Alexis Moniello

Alexis Moniello is an illustrator and story teller extraordinaire!  She has a passion for creating whimsical and fun drawings for children's books and we spotted her talent when we came to us for the build of her custom portfolio book.

Alexis is the illustrator of the activity book series Everything Butt Art which was distributed internationally by IPG, named Finalist for the IBPA's Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book, and is featured in iPad Art in Education for Dummies.  She's  also done work for the Phoenix Zoo and the NFL Players Association.   We asked Alexis about her work and how it all began.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 8.38.00 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 8.38.14 PM

How did you get into story telling and illustrating?

As a kid, I devoured books, and was always creating.  So much so that I was often in some kind of trouble for staying up too late with a flashlight and a book, or, for failing to maintain the cyclone of paper bits, colored string, paint, etc that seemed to always trail me.

After college, I convinced an ad agency to hire me, then hoodwinked my way into their creative department.  There, I had the honor of working under Creative Director/Wizard Bob Case, who saw through what I thought I wanted to do straight to what I LOVED to do.  With some thoughtful nudges from him in the right direction, I refocused on illustrating and storytelling. After that, I landed a gig with Brian Snyder and created the children's media brand, Everything Butt Art (step-by-step drawing starting with a butt shape... seriously). From there, my fate was sealed.

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What does your work space look like?

My work space is a tiny disaster on the 6th floor of a walk-up in Alphabet City, NYC. Its really the small second bedroom of our apartment, bright and sunny with a great view of the Empire State Building! We have tons of books. TONS.  So, I keep all of my kid's lit and picture books in the studio. Its a fun little space, and, really, the perfect space to settle in with some strong coffee and colored pencils.

Freelance Illustrator and Story Teller Work Space

llustrator and Story Teller Work Space

What's your design process like?

Oooh, my design process.  Assuming I have a process, it ranges from knowing EXACTLY what I'm going for and nailing it, or, meandering around for weeks in creative torment until it clicks into place.  I'm most creative during a run, or, after, usually in the shower (what is it with shower ideas? They're always so good!), so, I try to get a quick run in before studio time.

A good "junk" pile... let's call it a compost pile, actually... is always a good thing to have - ideas or halves of ideas that can be cleared out of your mind to make way for fresher ideas or that can be integrated into something else later.

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We love hearing the stories that make up the contents of our customer's portfolio.  Often years of hard work, printed in to a physical manifestation that is often just the beginning of great accomplishments.

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