Client Spotlight: Photographer Shekinah Shazaam

Client Spotlight: Photographer Shekinah Shazaam Inspiration Inspiration

Client Spotlight: Photographer Shekinah Shazaam

Shekinah Shazaam is a stellar photographer who has an eye for layout and the perfect candid shot. Not only is she a photographer supreme, she adds a twist to her work through the use of unique costumes and color schemes. We love how she experiments with different materials and color palettes to create a photo you can't take your eyes off of.

Shekinah's photography caught our attention when she ordered a custom portfolio book from us, we had to ask her more about herself and her work.

Custom Marble Screwpost Binder Photography

custom marble acrylic photography portfolio book

How did you get into photography?

I actually studied design in college (it was a more viable field than fine art.) One of our required classes was photography, so in that I was able to learn more and found that being able to take my own photos for projects was really helpful.

I used my camera more for vlogs when I first started, but a few years ago, I began shooting more avant-garde style portraits and I fell in love. There is something so fulfilling about communicating an idea through image alone, that I can’t imagine not doing it now.

Photography Portfolio Portrait

Portrait Photography Portfolio

What tips do you have for other photographers?

A few tips I have for other photographers or designers would be to be persistent, avoid doing work you don’t love, & always be open to learn.  During a portfolio review years ago, a couple mentors told me to continue doing my conceptual shoots.

Even though my particular location doesn’t have a high demand for these, they are what I love the most, and that passion is really seen by others.   Sometimes you have to compromise by taking work you aren’t 100% set on to pay the bills, but never lose your true vision or sell out to be something you aren’t.

Photography Portrait Portfolio

What tools or avenues do you use to promote yourself?

In terms of marketing myself, I’ve found that consistently blogging and posting to social media has been quite helpful. People see you constantly in their feed and they will remember you as a photographer in the future (which will lead to referrals).  Collaborating with other creatives has also been great.  Not only can you gain inspiration from them, you can also use this as a networking opportunity to further grow your business.

Shekinah Shazaam Photography Portrait

We love hearing the stories that make up the contents of our customer’s portfolio books.  Often years of hard work are made tangible and shared with others and we couldn’t be any happier to be apart of it.

Create your own custom photography portfolio book and start your journey!



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