New Custom Concrete Acrylic Portfolio Books!

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New Custom Concrete Acrylic Portfolio Books!


We are stoked to be adding to our Klo Portfolios patterned acrylic collection! Our newest addition to the bunch is our concrete acrylic portfolio books.  This tactile concrete texture is UV Printed & Cured onto our snow white acrylic portfolio for a realistic concrete aesthetic.  The perks of having a faux concrete portfolio is avoiding the obvious downfall of real concrete being that it is extremely heavy.

Our concrete acrylic portfolio books are created with care in house so you won't find them anywhere else! These portfolios came to life through our belief of the importance of strong foundations.  We love the juxtaposition between solid, industrial concrete and light portfolio books.  It's the best of both words.


Concrete is the combination of water, aggregate, and cement. When used well by architects and engineers the results are phenomenal. The reinforced 43.4m dome of the Pantheon in Rome, which was created in AD128, is the world's first iconic concrete structure and is equally astonishing today as it was back then.


Concrete is admired for it's unique texture, the way it creates light and shadow and it's appearance of being delicate. For all these reasons we decided it would be the perfect second addition to our patterned acrylic portfolio collection.

Customize your concrete portfolio nppl with an engraving, engraved color fill, UV Print & Cure, s or cut-out.  The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Need help creating the perfect artwork for your custom portfolio?  For logo inspiration check out "How to Create a Stellar Logo for your Brand".  For resources and inspiration for your design projects check out "101 Essential Online Resources for Graphic Designers".


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