New Custom Portfolio Book Treatments

New Custom Portfolio Book Treatments Product Updates Updates

New Custom Portfolio Book Treatments

We're always looking to improve and add to the look of a well constructed and stunning custom portfolio book.   There's no better way to do this than by creating new and notable treatments that bring your branding and logo to life.  You can see a full list of available custom portfolio book treatments at the bottom of the Products page here.

Our burnishing treatment allows us to engrave fine details on the brushed aluminum materials for a stunning silver on silver finish.

For those that are looking to add a splash of color or a graphic to their covers, we're now offering a printed wrap on our white acrylic,  frosted clear acrylic , and brushed silver aluminum finishes.  This treatment creates a seamless print of your colorful design that will get you noticed.

Photos for treatments to include in the blog post below.

Burnishing for Brushed Aluminum Materials

Brushed Silver aluminum with burnishing

Brushed Gold aluminum with burnishing

Printed Wrap on white acrylic, frosted acrylic, and brushed silver aluminum


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