From Our Production Table to Your Hands: The Klo Custom Portfolio Book Process

From Our Production Table to Your Hands: The Klo Custom Portfolio Book Process The Latest Uncategorized

From Our Production Table to Your Hands: The Klo Custom Portfolio Book Process

Have you ever wondered what your beautiful personalized portfolio book goes through before it's finally in your hands? Wonder no more!  Our first priority has always been to provide the highest grade materials coupled with unique treatments that are wrapped in a bow of craftsmanship you won't find anywhere else.

We believe in the power of the tangible and create custom portfolios that empower the designers who carry them. We thrive on your satisfaction and trust that our success is based on your happiness.  Read on to find out more about how we put our all into each and every step of the portfolio production process.

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Your Custom Portfolio Concierge

The journey begins when you place your order and upload your design file and are assigned your very own Custom Portfolio Concierge.  They'll take you under their wing to ensure your design will work perfectly with your material and treatment.  They'll act as your point of contact, helping you each step of the way.  The first order of business is creating a proof for your approval so you know exactly what you're getting.

We'll help you create the best screwpost portfolio book with our Portfolio Concierge!

Production Prep

Once your proof has been approved, the graphic design team will create the necessary file for the machines being used and send your file off to the production team, where the magic happens!

Your custom portfolio is now in the hands of our skilled production team who will view the details of your order and cut material based on what they'll need to bring this bad boy to life.   All our material are locally sourced and chosen carefully for the best quality.  We cut when you place your order so that there is the least amount of waste possible.

Before the final job, they might run a test of the design on your portfolio book to ensure your material and treatment choice will work blissfully together.  Our production team has an eye for precision and detail so they're picky when it comes to making your custom portfolio look perfect.


Head Portfolio Artisan crafting a custom graphic design portfolio book

Klo Portfolio Custom Portfolio Builders

Go Time!

Your portfolio design file is set up for production and it's go time!  Your cut material is ready for customization and depending on the treatment and material you choose, different machinery will be used.

After your portfolio cover is customized, it will go through a rigorous quality check where the production team makes sure everything is up to snuff.

The production team are always hard at work and multitasking to set up portfolios for production, quality checking each portfolio, carefully assembling the books, and ensuring the finished product is the bees knees.  Once your portfolio has passed two quality checks, it's lovingly assembled, wrapped, and sent out for shipment, soon to be in your hands!

Your Custom Portfolio, on a Jet Plane!

At last!  Your custom portfolio book is almost in your hands.   Our around time is two weeks in hand from date of proof approval.

For an extra fee, we offer a rush service that is eight days from date of proof approval in the case that you need it in a flash.

We know you're anxious to receive your portfolio book so we include a complimentary upgrade to overnight shipping for the price of ground.  You'll receive it the day after it ships which is a bonus!

In Your Hands

One of Klo's commandments has always been that the power is in your hands.  The journey is up to you and we know that you and your work will go places.  Empowering designers by creating a tangible portfolio that reflects their unique style and branding is what drives us to continually create.

We have the pleasure of bringing a smile to your face when you first open your fresh new  portfolio book and we'll continue to create the tangible for as long as you supply the inspiration.

Ready to start building your own custom portfolio book? Visit our Build Your Own to get started.  We're here via email or phone if you have any questions along the way.

Custom ebonized portfolio book with engraving treatment

Custom engraved screwpost graphic design portfolio book by klo portfolios


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