Why Custom?

You dream it, we build it. Come to us with and
idea and we’ll bring it to life.

Built from Scratch

We’ve created a compelling collection of custom products to help represent you and your work in the best way. It begins with you wanting to create something tangible and ends with us meticulously hand crafting it for you. Every single piece is made from scratch, the slow way.
All under one roof, our artisans, graphic designers, and machinist work with the end goal of co-creating something with you. A one off masterpiece, with nothing off the shelf.

Power of the Tangible

In a world full of screens, stand out and display your body of work in a beautifully made vessel to compliment your work. Show off your commitment to you craft and attention to detail by defining your brand in the physical.

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Get What You Want

7 years in the making, we’ve created a collection of the best materials and treatments for you to choose from. Whether your brand is whimsical or tenacious, new or mature, modern or contemporary, we can bring it to life.

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Impressions Matter

Give people something to talk about. House your work in a delightful way and enforce your unique vision and style through one of our presentation solutions. We’ve worked with thousands of designers to create the perfect showcase and we’re excited to collaborate with you too.

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Start today!

Get started now, and build the presentation piece
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